Pill Parties, Club Drugs and Roofies Oh My | What My 10yo Learned in School

Considering that back in my day the campaigns were simple and vague, like: “Just Say No,” this seems a bit advanced. I mean “Oh My” doesn’t cut it — I’m thinking  WTF, Shut the Front Door, that’s Ba-na-nas, did this really happen?

I don't even know what half this shit is ... but my son does.

Last week, my 10-year-old son walked in and proclaimed, “Well, I learned some pretty inappropriate stuff in class today.” Like most fifth graders, my kid rarely complains about hearing something he’s not supposed to, but as it turned out, he was right … or was he?

That day, a drugs and narcotics officer spoke to the class, which was all well and good. I’m sure I signed off on that lesson at some point. Though I don’t recall signing off on a discussion that involved club drugs, pill parties, and Roofies.

Yep, you heard me. Apparently, this lesson covered everything from the usual substances to why you should never leave your drink unattended in a club. Really?

Read the rest of my Did That Really Happen? column for The Stir (it gets worse)

PS While you’re there, feel free to tell me if you think it’s TMI or if it’s the world we live in???

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8 thoughts on “Pill Parties, Club Drugs and Roofies Oh My | What My 10yo Learned in School

  1. Masala Chica

    I know that it’s weird that they are learning it, but what’s crazier is how many stories I have heard about teenage girls getting roofied. which means that its not that far from middle school. Yeah, I wish that they could be more innocent and not learn that the world is so effed up but I would rather them be armed than have no clue what could happen to them. It’s all some scary shit.
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    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      I can’t even imagine that this is our world but I guess better to be prepared — and its better to get them while theyre paying attention and not by the time they think all this stuff is cool!!!


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