12 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Wrinkled Knees!!!

  1. Cherie

    Love the picture. Well, I never really wondered whether my knees had wrinkles or not, but of course knee wrinkles certainly are much more presentable than face wrinkles. Although I have seen people whose faces look like knees, or knees that looks like faces. Think about it.

  2. Bari

    I had been waiting for this kind of advice for years.
    Unfortuny for me it came too late. Sadly, my extreme
    knee sag began 10 years ago and only one option
    existed. I had to pull up all my leg skin like panty hose,
    shimmy it up to my waste, pull the skin over my shoulders
    read very painful. The pull all extra skin over my head.
    Finally knot and then trim all excess skin. Result was tight
    knees, great, and belly button in mid face, not so good.

  3. Barry

    Fortunately saggy skin on the knee isn’t as In Your Face as things like Devils Eyebrow, Saggy Face, Cyclop Eye or Donkey Ear. Things could be a lot worse. Be thankful

  4. rachy

    i’d say i have nobby knees more that saggy knees. maybe all my bicycle riding helps. but, to protect the public from the spectacle of my old knees, i try to keep them covered in public (out of sight, out of mind).

    now, jen, do you really want us to send you pics of our knees? i might just do that, and you may be sorry you suggested it!

  5. Insanitykim

    Ok it’s me.

    First of all, love the bangs, and the shimmer on the inner eye. Awesome.

    Second. I have a hard time believing you because I have not seen your knees, yet you ask to see mine. Psh. I have trust issues…they are being challenged here…I still think you have Phantom Cellulite.

    Third, I have some questions, for clarification:

    1. Moisturizing: Can I just use butter, not shea butter, and, can I just eat it instead?

    2. Since I am eating straight butter, can I skip the exercising and just wait for the fat to settle, from eating all that butter, to smooth them out?

    3. Is duct tape considered surgery? Will insurance cover the costs? And, is Demi Moore even real? I think I saw her face once in a slice of burnt toast. But I covered it in butter. Then ate it. Hmmmm…

    So, I guess I will try eating butter and even spreading it on my knees. And I will continue to wear pants. Forever. No, maybe I’ll let my leg hair grow and comb it upwards. Man, I hope I don’t get the hair caught in the boot zipper…


    You sure you want me back here?

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