Why Am I Dumber After Having Children | Momnesia on the Jenny Isenman Show (Video)

Can someone explain why I still have “baby brain” when my kids aren’t babies anymore?

So, my Gen X-ers, many of us are years past changing diapers and yet we still seem to have Momnesia. Frankly, my memory … and ability to have a complete thought, has gotten exponentially worse with the birth of each child and the passage of each year.

Look, I can tell you the names of all the characters from The Facts of Life, or The Breakfast Club, but I have no idea where I left my keys, what pending appointments I have, or why I just walked into this room?!

On this week’s episode of The Jenny Isenman Show, my guest Sharon Rowley, (organizational expert/blogger and mom of 6 — freakin’ 6!), and I test our memories, discuss the stupidest shit we’ve done due to Momnesia, and talk tips to get through the day.

If you enjoyed it: PLEASE SHARE/PASS IT ON! The entire CafeMom Site has been down since “Sandy” sooo, all promotion seems to have fallen on me, and I’m kinda horrible at this!

PS – I hope all affected by “Sandy” are safe and sound! I’m a NYCer turned Florida girl (went through Andrew and Katrina), I know from hurricanes, and they suck!!!.

xo – Jenny



4 thoughts on “Why Am I Dumber After Having Children | Momnesia on the Jenny Isenman Show (Video)

  1. Kelly

    After all the binging in college, my brain made out ok, so I really wasn’t prepared for the “momnesia.”

    Also, I just now watched your past episode with the aging doctor. I then asked my husband if he was going to pay to save my face as I get older, and he said no…. hmmmmm we’ll see about that…. maybe we need an episode on how to get husbands to agree to letting us spend money on it 😉


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