What’s Hot for 2011-2012 School Year

Tips for Back to School Shopping,  What’s hip for 2011-2012 and where to get it on a budget.

I know, it’s still 10,000 degrees and the kids are way more exited about slip and slides than sliding scales, but it’s back to school time. Part of me wants to give a woof woof a la Arsenio Hall and the other part realizes, that simply referring to the dog pound makes me seem really old and shockingly uncool.

He was doin the "fist pump" long before the Situation


So let’s just go with a pound don’t forget to explode it… cuz that’s cool.

Now, the question is, How do I get the kids equipped, organized and on trend… on a budget and on the bus? Look, mine are at each other’s throats. Frankly, no school in the animal kingdom maybe the reason some eat their young. Well, except fish… they have school. But when was the last time you heard about fish eating their young? Hmm? I think I’ve made my point.

OK, now for the info: Too Cool For School | What’s Big for 2011-2012 The big trend this year is “Old School.” Old school was sooo rad, gnarly, wicked… gag me with a spoon: the graphic tees, the high tops, the Farlows… the parachute pants.

80's Ladies (seriously gag me)


Girls still just wanna have fun!

Neon Splatter and graphic at Justice %40off

Ok, don’t start passing out EGs just yet, you want your kids on-trend not on a time machine. Think big picture 80‘s: neons, splatters, high tops, rolled sweats, colored denim animal prints and feathers and glitter.

Skinny rocker jeans: Reg $39 SALE: $18.99


Don’t forget the preppy side of the 80‘s just when you thought you could rid cardigans from your life for good (I knew you were thinking that) they’re back.

Preppy and girlie $24.95 GAP

animal print and cardigan WOW 2fer $29.50 ae.com

Sale $10 Old Nave



So are the plaid skirts and don’t rule out argyles. For the feet slip-on ballet flats, slip-on sneakers and yes, high tops are in.

Candie's Flats sale $14.99 at Kohls

$35 Zappos


For the boys, think denim, military inspired cargos, and jackets.  Don’t forget to stock up on tons of graphic t-shirts and hoodies with humorous sayings, popular game characters (You go Angry Birds), retro bands,  and throw back logos.

Death to a Preppy! Sale $7.99 Old Navy

Everything from Aly and AJ to Zeppelin (all $20)

Sale $15 Old Navy


Sale $8 at Kohls


















But, don’t forget the age of the kids when buying these tees.  Little Lola may be a cutie in this one:

But not so cute in this one:


Plus naming her Lola certainly didn’t help. Nice Job!

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  1. cherie

    Cute and very informative…although I guess I’ll have to shop for my grandchildren. But I do remember all those rad, gnarly and really rad items. You Go Girl.


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