What Women Do When You Try to Give them a Compliment

Think you can say something lovely, or kind, or heartfelt to me and get away with it?!?  I don’t think so!

We can’t simply say, “Thank you,” it’s not in our DNA.  We justify compliments by making excuses.  We diffuse them by giving others the credit.  And we deflect them by batting ’em back in the other person’s court with the obligatory, return of same compliment — Here, now you deal with how to respond, bitch. 

It goes something like this:

“I love your outfit.”
“Thanks, I LOOOVE yours too,” (said before even looking to find she’s wearing ripped sweats, and a tee shirt that crassly says, ‘Check out my Box’ with a picture of a boom box on the front.

“You threw an incredible party.”
“Oh, I had a ton of help, Mark Bittman, has the best recipes and my hubby did a great job on the grill… and the people at Party City really know how to fill a balloon… and the guy at the supermarket double bagged all the sodas so, I didn’t have to worry about them falling out and over-fizzing later… and… and… and…”

“You look so thin.”
“Oh please, it’s just these jeans I’m wearing. I live in them because they hide all the rolls I’ve under them.  Luckily, they were on a sale or I never would have bought them.” (G-d forbid we told someone we paid retail.)

So, so sad, ladies.  I mean, could you imagine if guys did that?…

“Hey dude, great outfit.”
“Thanks.  It’s funny, I was just thinking the same thing about yours.  I didn’t even know people were still wearing overalls and yet you make them look so on trend.”

“This was a killer party, man.”
“Well, I had a ton of help…  My wife marinated the chicken in that bottle of Bullseye sauce we had lying around.  Thanks to not cleaning the grill in like, a year, there was that unique cooked-in flavor.  And it wouldn’t have been as good without the fine people at Samuel Adams making their Pale Ale that just screams ‘end of summer cook out.'”

“You’re lookin’ thin these days.”
“Really?  It’s just these Dockers I’ve been wearing to work with adjustable side bands.  They allow me to wear a smaller size and open up the waist for some extra girth around the middle, plus the pleated front never hurts. Plus I got them at Target… on sale.”

I know, it makes us sound insane. Especially considering the person giving the compliment would like to hear, a “Thank You,” rather than get a dissertation on why they shouldn’t have complimented you, in the first place.

I’m sorry for calling you insane, before, that was thoughtless.  What I meant to say is, you look fantastic… hey, are those new shoes?  Love them, but everything looks good on you!  Well, you know that.

15 thoughts on “What Women Do When You Try to Give them a Compliment

  1. Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

    My brother-in-law says that no woman accepts a compliment on her clothing or accessories without responding about where she got it and how it was a great deal.
    “Oh, thanks. I got it at Nordstrom on sale.”
    “This? It’s from Target.”
    “You’ll never believe it. I got this at TJ Maxx for $19.99.”

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Funny I had something in about the jeans being on sale. I mean we wouldn’t want someone to think we paid for em!!! I put a few lines in just for you. I totally agree with your Brother-in-Law!!!

  2. Alison

    This is something that I work very hard everyday! WTF is wrong with us that we can not just say thank you. Whenever I catch myself making excuses I stop take a breath and say, “I’m sorry what I meant to say was thank you!” Though afterwards I always wonder why it is so hard to take a compliment and say thank you…ugh!

  3. cherie

    Spot on. I know when someone says you look like you lost weight, I always seem to say, not reallty, I wish I could. I never tought about it until now…thanks for the enlightenment.

  4. Bari

    Oh, you are so pretty!! You look stunning dahling in your backless gown pictures. Baby got back!!! No, truly you are stunning!! No denying it! Just say thanks!! I love you.

  5. Jenny

    Guilty as charged. Did it today.
    Random lady:”cute top”
    Me: “$14.99 Forever21”

    It’s sick.
    Next time I’m just saying thank you and hoping she thinks I got it via my personal shopper at Bergdofs.



  6. Audra Middleton

    Feel free to call me insane anytime you think it fits. Sometimes I need to hear it. Just say thanks…there’s a very sane idea I’ll have to remember next time I feel compelled to argue about a compliment.

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