New How-to Vlog “How to Sit on a Chair”

New Vlog!  I started doing how to videos for some of the Mommy sites I write for.  Though not totally serious, the concept of explaining even the simplest thing, gave me quite a giggle.  So, I taped this video on “How to sit on a chair.”  In it I explain in layman’s terms the delicate artform that is “sitting on a chair.”  You may want to use a spotter your first couple attempts.  I assure you, with my expert guidance, you will be sitting on chairs in no time!


If you know anyone that could use this kind of instruction, please pass the link on -so they can take a load off!: mom demonstrates important skill “how to sit on a chair

Good Luck!

13 thoughts on “New How-to Vlog “How to Sit on a Chair”

  1. nancy schutt

    nice cleavage at the beginning, and that works really well for the subliminal sex content which even toothpaste manufacturers know about. But then you blew it and donned a jacket whereas you lost the cleavage effect which would have been especially good for the falling off the chair segment.
    just a bit of advice you might want to consider for the next vlog. More cleavage.

    can you do a “Dummies” episode on how to walk and chew gum?

  2. Barry

    Adorable!! I’m not sure the cleavage or lack thereof was of any importance. You should considder doing a vlog on how to stand after sitting. You’ll probably need a “Stand in”. You seem to lack experience.

  3. Bari


    Your instructional video was particularly helpful to me since I basically sit for a living. The differnt sit poses were particularly insightful. I do, however, have one technical question. Must one actually fart as it were, for the side seat
    to be effectively executed? Can’t wait to learn how to fall next session.

    Totally EnGrossed

    p.s. loved your laugh .

  4. Erik Deckers

    I can only do the Number 4 position, because I’m not that flexible. Does this automatically make me a dickhead? I’m worried that I’ll somehow become a dickhead because of my limited grace and flexibility.

    Is it true that people who do not do the Number 4 position can also be dickheads?

  5. admin Post author

    There have been many questions about the number 4 sit. Let me clarify. If you cannot do the number 4, you can still be a dickhead. My husband cannot do the number 4 or any other cross and he is a total dickhead.

    However, if you frequently do the number 4 you are most definitely a dickhead!

  6. Erik Deckers

    Then I think I’m being unfairly labeled a dickhead. Most people will tell you I’m more of an arrogant bastard than a dickhead.

    I think a distinction needs to be made between people who choose the number 4 sit and those who can only do the number 4 sit.

    Choosers = dickhead.
    Not very flexible = not a dickhead.

  7. admin Post author

    Erik you may be right, but I think not. Either way, to distinguish between dickheads and non dickheads on flexibility would require that you announce to people that you are an arrogant bastard who happens to be inflexible and hence are misrepresenting yourself as a dickhead. What they think of you after that is out of your hands.

  8. Erik Deckers

    No, I’m right. I’m always right. That’s the great thing about being an arrogant bastard.

    I do have a baseball cap that says “Marketing,” which as everyone knows, is another word for “arrogant bastard.”

  9. Cherie

    I finally got to see the most of the video. The only problem I have is my computer is not fast enough to pick it al up at one time. I did however, enjoy your little tumble at the end, I broke out in hysterics obviously so did you. You are totally insane.

  10. rachy

    hey jenny, great training video!!

    but, whenever we have a corporate-sponsored training session, there is always the evaluation form to be filled out. so, let me suggest you add an evaluation form. (if you need a suggested form, i’ll e-mail you one!)

    now, the evaluation form always ask “what should be added?” so, let me suggest that add 2 more techniques that you left out of this one. i would suggest that you will cover them in a follow-up video “How to Sit in a Chair 102”:

    1) crossing one’s legs while wearing a skirt (or a kilt for guys). now, as you demonstrate, almost anyone with enough flexibility (and whose thighs let them) can easily cross their legs while wearing pants. but while wearing a skirt (or kilt), there is a proper technique so you are not showing off what a lady (or Scott) shouldn’t be advertising.

    2) crossing one or 2 legs under yourself. this is definately an advanced technique. wish i caught it on video when a young 20-something fellow engineer sitting next to me perfectly excecuted the 1 leg under, while wearing a skirt, and not showing anything, and not drawing any undue attention, all in the midst of our sexual harassment awareness training session! clearly, she’s aced the course!

    so, i do suggest you follow up with proper instruction in these more advanced techniques.

  11. The Business Coach for Moms

    Ooooohhh! “Lower,Lower,Lower.” Well, that’s been my problem! I haven’t been lowering myself. I must practice the bend at the knee trick so that I can lower myself! I’ve been standing all of these years. Thank you!


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