Do You Have A Minute To Talk About My Thighs? -Vlog 3

Are your thighs oddly attracted to each other and trying desperately to fill the space between them?  Do you try to put on your go to jeans and they don’t fit, but your post pregnancy/period jeans do?

9 thoughts on “Do You Have A Minute To Talk About My Thighs? -Vlog 3

  1. Alison

    You are CRAZY!!! I love it! And, unfortunately, my thighs have always had a love affair and have been drawn toward each other for as long as I can remember. But just as the Capulets and the Montagues, I have insisted on a family feud to force this pair apart, but to no avail. I hear ya sis, in fact the whole world hears you and the symphony that your thighs make while walking down the street.

    Just one question, my thighs tend to make the back/innner part of my pants wear thin and eventually rip, how in the hell did you get a hole in the front near the zipper? You have got to share that tid bit.


  2. Jacques

    We need proof – we now only see your jewelry. But, it might be a severe case of thigh-dentity crisis: one converted to Al Quaida, but what if the other one is thigh-sexual? Anyway, include some under-the-counter shots -I told you, I love Thais.

  3. rachy

    now i have to start by saying i just loooooove your Vlogness! you have great expressions and timing…..things you just can’t do in the blog! most of all, i really love that purple nailpolish!! (you gotta tell us the color and where you got it!)

    now, my thighs have done the same thing, so, girl, it’s your destiny! i first thought it was from riding my bike and jogging a lot when i was younger and not doing any other excercise — you know that unbalanced muscle development.

    but after 40, this thing particularly happens in summer: well, they touch.

    now you’re walking along and they’re rubbing against each other (think summer, naked legs, loose shorts or a skirt). there’s the chaffing and redness — i need to carry vaseline! then i find myself walking somewhat bowed leg (like i just got off a horse), so they don’t touch!

    jen, it’s like 2 kids in the back seat on a long car ride—you just can’t keep them separated!

  4. Bari


    The Vlogging is fabulous. Your are too funny. This is definately the road to the comedy circut. I’m joining your call to the cause: “women united against pressing thighs”. Sadly, no money enclosed.

  5. Barry

    Vlog was great. My guess is you’ve had a few acting lessons. Speaking of your thighs, you might watch late night TV and buy a thigh master. It probably won’t work, another option is eat less.

  6. Dee Thompson

    Too funny! My maternal grandmother passed on to me her big ol’ fanny and short, fat legs, God help me. The tall thin grandmother? No resemblance here whatsoever, except her high forehead. I need a restraining order to keep my things apart…


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