Coffee and Flogging -Vlog attempt 1

Here is my first vlog (video log).  For many of you this will be your first time seeing me, which I know is weirdly like watching the movie after reading the book (it’s all in the casting).  I think I’m perfectly cast in the role of “me,” as I find myself to be the epitome of me.  If you don’t agree, talk to my agent.

If you enjoy it, please pass it on.

If you hate it, keep it to yourself, you obnoxious person with nothing better to do than sneer at other people’s attempts at branding themselves and living out the dream… the American dream.  But know, I will get better and I will continue to blog if you prefer the blogging.

Most importantly, thanks as always for your support!

I hope you guys enjoy!  Sorry you have to click the link, I am too technologically challenged to get it directly on the site.



Jenny From the Blog

5 thoughts on “Coffee and Flogging -Vlog attempt 1

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  2. admin Post author

    Thank you and no. Much of it was off the cuff, minus a couple ideas I had. I am doing this ghetto style… through the crappy camera on my laptop and as spontaneous as possible… they will get better.
    J From the B

  3. Alison Astair

    Hi Jenny!
    I just love your vlog! So, so cute! How did you ever draw that coffer mug? You’re not as technologically challenged as you think you are!
    You do need to contact Starbucks and see if they will pay for your vlog! You are, after all giving them free advertising!

    I’m going to be starting a blog very soon. Just working on my site. It’s all so confusing! I’ve had many requests from parents to do something for those who have children between ages 5 and 12. Seems like there are books for parenting young kids and also books for teens, but not those ages which include tweens! I’ll let you know when mine is done too!

    As for now, continue on! I love your vlog!


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