Va-What? Va-huh? Va-Why is it so Trendy to Adorn Your Va Jay Jay?

Seriously, either I’m too old or too prudish, but I can’t figure out why women need to do so much vaginal maintenance to get their man’s attention these days.  I used to be a vaginal visionary, a pioneer if you will.  I was the first on the block to get a Brazilian, a “landing strip,” and the unfortunate “wax-ident” I term, “The Charlie Chaplin.”  Well, I don’t have proof that I was the first, but I’m pretty confident.  Now, vaginal maintenance has become a truly hair razing experience.

A couple years back, there was Va-hedging (okay, I don’t know about the term, but the trend was real) think Edward Scissorhands and a bottle of semi-permanent color.  You could have a red heart for V-day and a green clover for St. Patties.  Then there was vajazzling:  Using Swarovski crystals to add a little bling to your lady thing.  I had been waiting for someone to put those crystals to better use… what timing, I’m sure it made the 115yr old company proud to be associated with such a high class fad.

Now, there’s vattooing  KEEP READING (it’s worth it! oh, and comment if you can!)

10 thoughts on “Va-What? Va-huh? Va-Why is it so Trendy to Adorn Your Va Jay Jay?

  1. Rachy

    i think some women are just bored! well, it must be for their own amusement! men don’t need any special entisement to pay a visit! LOL!!!

  2. Ellen

    OMG, I am howling! I saw the cover of one of the mags that mentioned VaJayJay’s and I only could imagine what the article actually said. Thank you for putting it in way funnier terms!
    I think if asked, men would say how willing was the vajayjay, not how blinging. 🙂

  3. Holly

    That was so funny. I can’t some women do that sort of thing. Here I was wanting to cross my legs every time I read something using the words piercing and vagina in the same sentence and now there is tattooing.


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