The Proof. Can You Dig It?


I did not lie in yesterdays post. Notice the trashcan has fallen down. I was going to pick it up for the picture, but I was scared he would come out cacti a-blazin’ and outline my body with “do not cross” tape and reflectors.

FYI in this neighborhood they will cite you for not promptly bringing in your trashcan from the edge of your driveway, but apparently it’s okay if you throw it in a hole and tie it to your tree.

5 thoughts on “The Proof. Can You Dig It?

  1. Anna

    That is hysterical the picture is shockingly more than I imagined. I am so surprised they allow that. I know your neighborhood, it’s beautiful!

  2. Bari


    I know people sometimes “irritate” home owner boards but this guys is so far beyond the norm…perhaps it’s an attempt at “mixed-media lawn art”


  3. Cherie

    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. You all should picket, or start a vigilante group and bare down on his house with torches blazing.

  4. barry

    I’m not sure what’s more attractive, the” cactus garden” or the “trash hole sculpture”, his second workof art. It must be finished, judging by the length of time its been there. Maybe the board should allow your trash cans to stay out, painted and decorated showing individual art expression, instead of that mess. Loved the picture and funny comments


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