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6 Ridiculous As Seen on TV Products That I Kinda Want

6 Ridiculous As Seen On TV Products That I Kinda Need

My 8-year-old daughter is drawn to infomercial products like a fly to the Bug Zapper Racket … like a dog to Bark Off … like a senior citizen to the EZ Eyes Keyboard … like a mom to those Meaningful Beauty products Cindy Crawford will practically bring to your door. In fact, my little princess is convinced her birthday will be a total disaster without a Big Top Cupcake. not gonna lie, I’ve been smitten with some of those infomercial inventions myself.  I own a couple of Snuggies, for instance. What? Everyone in the commercials looks so comfy on their couches while reading books and not feeling fettered by the constraints of a blanket. I’ve bought P90X, and Moon Sand, and Blendy Pens, and even Pillow Pets (before they sold them everywhere from Walmart to Shell stations).

In fact, some of those As Seen on TV products are positively irresistible. Here are a few I find utterly ridiculous and at the same time I think they’d make great gifts: Continue reading