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Dermaplaning — Why Women Could Use a Shave

DermaplaningAs part of my new “Is This Really a Thing and if So Should We All Go Out and Try It?” series I’m talking about dermaplaning. So, in case you don’t know what dermaplaning is, I’ll tell you: It’s a medical exfoliation process where the outermost layers and dead skin cells are (shaved) removed from your face — which includes the peach fuzz hairs we all have. You know the ones that every once in a while catch the light the right way in a mirror and make you feel like some weird albino sasquatch?

Yeah, those.

I’m pretty sure they’re on your face for a reason. Like to catch deadly skin eating bacteria before they reach your skin or to make fun of the small hairs on your upper-lip that are never as light.

Whatever the purpose, the consensus seems to be that your face will be way awesomer when without them. I hate technical terms.

Here are the claims:

  • Your skin will look more refined, brighter, and less flawed.
  • Foundation goes on smoother making the face look more even.
  • It allows other products to penetrate the skin more easily to ensure they go deeper and may be good to do before a chemical peel or laser treatment.
  • It diminishes superficial dryness, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, and mild acne scarring.
  • It’s great for people who are sensitive to the chemicals in peels or get broken capillaries from exfoliants (or if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding).
  • Dermaplaning is similar to, but usually more effective than dermabrasion, with the added bonus of removing facial fuzz and no need for abrasives.
  • It can stop breakouts caused by build up of oil and dirt in the follicles.

I know, I’m making my appointment too.

Be aware, this process involves someone taking a scalpel to your skin directly. You should make sure that someone is highly trained and doesn’t have any grudges against you (that’s a tip).

Thoughts? Should we try it? Are you ready to shave your face ladies? Have you? Should I? (Frankly, I really sold myself on this process, in writing this piece and I think it would make a great video.)

I have a column on anti-aging (the only thing I’m anti) at Smart Beauty Guide if you want to hear about stuff I’ve tried, want, obsess over or learned about from people who are way smarter than myself:




What’s Hot for 2011-2012 School Year

Tips for Back to School Shopping,  What’s hip for 2011-2012 and where to get it on a budget.

I know, it’s still 10,000 degrees and the kids are way more exited about slip and slides than sliding scales, but it’s back to school time. Part of me wants to give a woof woof a la Arsenio Hall and the other part realizes, that simply referring to the dog pound makes me seem really old and shockingly uncool.

He was doin the "fist pump" long before the Situation


So let’s just go with a pound don’t forget to explode it… cuz that’s cool.

Now, the question is, How do I get the kids equipped, organized and on trend… on a budget and on the bus? Look, mine are at each other’s throats. Frankly, no school in the animal kingdom maybe the reason some eat their young. Well, except fish… they have school. But when was the last time you heard about fish eating their young? Hmm? I think I’ve made my point. Continue reading