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Kids in Bubbles: Worst Idea Ever | Jenny from the Blog

eurobubbleSeriously, who thought of this petri dish in the first place?  For those of you not lucky enough to have encountered the Euro Bubble, it’s a clear plastic beach ball that rolls on water and can fit someone up to 150lbs, (according to the website) though I saw teens much larger attempt to walk on water at the local Kaboomz Party Playground.  This is how it works: you pay a fee to have your child stuff him/herself into a plastic bag while a man with no more than 7 teeth shoves a tube excreting stale air into a leak proof hole in order to blow up the ball.  Hypocritical?  Umm, I did just spend the last 6 years saying, “NEVER stick your head in a plastic bag” and now I’m like, “Well, if the toothless guy says it’s okay, go for it.” Continue reading

Kids Say the Darndest Eye Opening Things | Jenny From the Blog

legs up the wallThis conversation actually happened.  As a humor blogger, I see the “funny” in it, but it also opened my eyes to one possibility:  My kids may not gonna take care of me in my old age. Continue reading