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Kids Say the Darndest Eye Opening Things | Jenny From the Blog

legs up the wallThis conversation actually happened.  As a humor blogger, I see the “funny” in it, but it also opened my eyes to one possibility:  My kids may not gonna take care of me in my old age. Continue reading

Resort Shampoo is Non-Celebrity SWAG | Jenny From the Blog

hotel-shampooMy shampoo experiment is over! You thought you knew me, but did you know I have been doing a test to see how long I could go without buying shampoo or conditioner?  Probably not.  Sheesh, some readers you are.  The answer, by the way is 2 years.
Oh, relax I didn’t say I went that long without using it. Continue reading

NBC Segment Tips for Moms to Stay Healthy

Another one is in!!! Making time to go to the Doctor!
The Tips


Being a mom, you begin to realize the value that each minute actually has. A 24 hour period, once known simply as “a day,” is now a race to accomplish a myriad of tasks from bathing and feeding little ones to hosting playdates, doing homework, and attending ballet classes and sports practices. We are also required to: Build forts as intricate as the Chrysler bldg., slay monsters, provide Wii games before they are even in production, throw 50 pound children in the air Continue reading

News – It’s 12 O’clock: Do you Know What Your Children are Eating?

As if helicopter parenting weren’t enough, now we can closely monitor what our kids eat at school. Yup, school districts across the country have signed on to use a new technology, which tracks what a child purchases in the school cafeteria. The Lunch Prepay program allows parents to view their child’s 45-day purchase history 24/7. Read More at iVillage

Good Homework Habits | See My New Segment on NBC 6 (Fixed)

I’m now a Parenting Correspondent for NBC 6 Miami and the Second Segment on Healthy Homework Habits is in!!!
If you’re in the South Florida area, you can see my segment on Friday’s South Florida Today show, which is between 11AM and Noon. Please tune in or tivo and tell your friends. I’ll bring you 5 tips each week to help tackle parenting issues that we all deal with like separation anxiety and homework habits, to learning to say “no,” a skill I’m still perfecting, and by perfecting I mean failing miserably at. ENJOY and Thanks for the support!

Did I Actually Say That? Times are Tougher than I Thought

SweetNLow1500Okay I must admit, like all of you, I see that times are tough, but I just got off the phone with a friend and caught myself saying something that implied that things have really gone south.

Me:  “Hey, can you pick me up a buffalo chicken sandwich at Fresh Market?”

Friend: “Sure.”

Me:  “Don’t forget to ask for the blue cheese dressing.  If it’s not in the container, they give it to you on the side… and it’s free.”

And it’s free??? Really, did I just use that phrase to imply that it’s freeness would make asking for it worth her while?  Like she wouldn’t be willing to spring for it?  Continue reading

‘Fred: The Movie’ Comes to Nickelodeon

FredFigglehorn-636Warning to all parents, the web character Fred Figglehorn is getting his own movie — Fred:The Movie — which will air on Nickelodeon Sept. 17th. You may be asking yourself, “Who is this Fred, and why am I being warned of his impending flick?” Fred, a character developed and portrayed by teen Lucas Cruikshank, may be one of the most annoying personas ever created.Read More

Are You a Neurotic Mom? I May Have You Beat

Tree Climbing with SquirrelOn a summer trip to Hilton Head, SC I realized that I may actually be the most neurotic mom on the planet. I first noticed this when we were at the park and children where climbing to the top limbs of these winding ancient oaks. In Florida, we don’t have many climbing trees, unless you have the ability to shimmy up a palm. Growing up in Maryland, I remember climbing those trees, and of course the memories that stand out most to a neurotic mom are the one’s of the kids that fell out and broke their own limbs.

So, there I was an inch from my child, ready to steady him at his first errant step. At the same time I was prepared to jump under some random 10yr old Evel Knievel, 25ft up, and let him use my frame to break his impending fall. “Where are that kid’s parents?” I asked my husband, as I was quite certain if they had witnessed his indiscretion in the tree, they would be giving him a stern talking to. Then over walked his dad. The kid said, “Who thinks, I’m gonna fall off and die?” To which the sensitive dad replied, “Well don’t do it halfway. If you only break something we’re gonna end up spending the whole night at the hospital.” Maybe you found that obnoxious, maybe you found it funny, I found it horrifying. But it seems that the general parenting attitude – outside of these very sheltered towns I’ve managed to live in – is one of ease and nonchalance. My husband has this attitude; he believes everything will be all right, whereas I think those crazy things that seem so rare are common occurrences and second guess my every decision, for fear of what those choices may have unleashed upon my family.

One of these choices was to sign the kids up for a day of Adventure Camp. I wanted to take advantage of the amazing golf. Scratch that, my husband wanted to take advantage of the amazing golf. He’ll be happy I mentioned “him,” “scratch,” and “golf” in the same sentence. The Adventure Camp wasn’t so adventurous. It was mainly 4 and 5 year olds and boasted a 1:3 counselor to camper ratio. They took the kids crabbing on the beach and then raced their crabs. Then they brought them to a shaded pool, low enough to stand in.  Though I didn’t really care if we golfed or not, I reminded myself that sometimes your husband needs to do a bit of what he wants on a family vacation. Since, I rarely if ever put him first, or second, or third for that matter, I decided to let my kids enjoy a day at camp while we golfed. I know, it was the best choice for my kids and my husband, but for me, it was the one that caused the most anxiety. The other parents were in and out at drop off, but I spent quite some time saying my goodbyes, and assessing the counselors. I thoroughly interviewed them, asking about their lifesaving credentials, their head count procedures, and how I could contact them to check on my kids.

How many moms know how debilitating it is to worry over so many things at once? How hard it is to just enjoy something when scary scenarios keep popping into your head? I was relieved when we saw them at the pool in the afternoon; a surprise encounter that was only slightly planned on my part. Then in the hour between the pool and camp pickup a torrential downpour ensued and I had to start worrying all over again. Would the trolley skid or would someone slip on the wet brick pathways? After pick up I could breathe more freely, but I couldn’t help wonder, what kind of disservice I’m doing to my children by not allowing them to do things that other parents seem to have no problem with?

Comment Question:

What do you think, can you relate? Are you a worrier or easy goer?

What to Say When Your Kids Catch You in the Act

Talk about awkward. Here’s my take on explaining the unexplainable.

footI always say it’s not a matter of “if” your child will walk in on you and hubs doing the deed, it’s a matter of “when.” Sure, there are lots of excuses: “Mommy and Daddy were just wrestling… naked.” “Oh, mommy slipped and her clothes fell off and dad was helping me up. Why are his off too? Well, he didn’t want me to feel silly.” “This is a special dance we do for rain, you know like on the National Geographic channel? Damn that drought and global warming!” And of course when they’re over a certain age, there’s just no explanation other than, “Okay, you caught us.”