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Missoni for Target Why are you Toying with My Emotions?

Don't be jealous, but I have the dresses at far left and far right. OK, be jealous if you must.

This goes out to all my fashionistas, with or without the budget to buy what they crave.

Look, we can’t all be Suri – playing in our $100,000,000 tree houses while waiting for our own “personal shopper” to come home bearing the hippest of clothes without ever having blinked at, or even looked at the price tag.

So this is what $100grand gets you in the treehouse real estate market.


But any good fashionista knows how to get what she desires, whether she can afford it or not.  She knows how to shop a sale, how to shop an outlet, how to shop online and when to shop a low priced chain.  Plus it never hurts to have friends in the industry from one’s days as a stylist.

Like a great detective, a good shopper always gets her dress.  But how is one to take advantage of a designer who decides to do what we all did in college and, slum it for a week or two, if she can’t get the goods in her cart?  Virtual or otherwise?

I know, I’m supposed to love being an American because of terms like “laissez faire,” “capitalism” and “free enterprise,” but damn you eBayers for ruining my ability to buy Missoni at Target!  Like Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem, it’s really unpatriotic of you!

For weeks I have anticipated Missoni’s arrival.  Sure, being bombarded with commercials, print campaigns, and an enviable fashion week show made my desire stronger.  Yes I know, another American perk – ad space.  Sure, I wanted the bike and the pillows, maybe a throw or two, that cute little espresso cup set with multiple patterns and a

I did get one of these, but who has a dinner party for 5? Hello?

stand for your countertop, 


and let’s not forget the clothes.  Oh, the clothes. Continue reading