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I’m Switching to Team Jacob -did I just put that in writing?

eclipse-poster1I’m switching teams!!! No I’m not talking about becoming a lesbian, though it would make a few of my readers who shall remain nameless, quite happy. I’m talking about the other “teams” inference known worldwide and perhaps more important than sexual preference. You guessed it, I’m now Team Jacob. What??? Did I just put that in writing? Any die hard Twilight fan over the age of 25 knows that choosing Jacob over Edward is shear blasphemy. In fact when anyone, prior to this, would speak such team Jacob nonsense I would question whether we were talking about the same subject. If in fact we were, I would write it off to my superior intellect, my innate understanding of mythical creatures or simply, their age. Continue reading

Has Bella Swan Ruined Dating for Our Kids?

Bella Swan Has Ruined Dating for our Daughters

normal_hq013As you may already know, I’m a huge Twilight fan. The truth is, though I’m a mom, I’m as wooed and wowed by Edward and Jacob as the average tween. The one difference? Unlike most giddy tween girls, I actually know that they don’t exist. And when I say “they,” I’m not talking about vampires and werewolves. I’m talking about the existence of guys like Edward and Jacob — guys who are constantly laying down their lives for you and who unselfishly have your best interests at heart. READ MORE

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