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Nicole Kidman Gets Botox? and I care why? |Seriously? column at HYBRID MOM

Written By: Jenny From the Blog AKA Jenny Isenman

Look, I’m a pop culture junkie, but Nicole Kidman confessing to injecting Botox is a headline?  I mean, duh, her face hasn’t moved since “Days of Thunder.”  You know the worst part about celebs copping to this inoculation and other work?  They always say something like, “Yes, I admit, I did it in the past, but I don’t do it anymore.”  It’s like listening to an athlete talk about steroids or Pres. Clinton describing a pending offense.  Let’s not forget, he “didn’t inhale…” or “have sexual relations with that woman.”  Well, Bill… you missed the best part on both counts (or did you?)

Alas, Courtney Cox and Teri Hatcher and a slew of other celebs, who like me celebrate their 29th birthday year after year, have been forced by public scrutiny to admit to past experimentation as if it was a crime.  A crime punishable by Continue reading