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Christian Grey Ecards Part II Fifty Shades in the Future

The Christian Grey | 50 Shades Ecards are back… by popular demand.  These are based on the article, What it Would REALLY be Like to be Married to Christian Grey, which takes a glimpse into what the Grey’s life might look like after years of marriage and children.  But let’s face it, everything looks better in an ecard. So, here you go — Fifty Shades in the Future (insert wavy lines to imply future montage here)…

 On Irony:

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On The Usual Toy Clutter: Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Why Can’t I Put this Trashy Book Down?

WARNING: This post is for peeps reading the Fifty Shades series of “adult” novels… it is most certainly not for my parents my in-laws or anyone who does not want to hear me talk about sex!  Just sayin’.
Fifty Shades of WTF?

Ok, so I’m on the  bandwagon.  Yes, you people with all your oohing and ahhhing and “Oh, Mr. Grey-ing.”  And your running to the nearest Pleasure Chest Sex Emporium – have got me reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  Here’s what I have realized from reading the first two installments of the Fifty series:  I may start calling my vagina “my sex,” I find the sound of ripping foil erotic, and I don’t have a very hot sex life!  Continue reading