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Teaching My Daughter That Skinny Doesn’t Equal Healthy or Beautiful is Tougher Than I Thought

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“High five for mommy! 104! I haven’t weighed that since I saw Pearl Jam,” exclaimed the svelte adorable mom to her toddler who cheered along, from her perch in the supermarket cart. I stood beside her, as I grabbed my own cart, and watched her triumphant cheer — which may have caused me to throw up in my mouth. Did I really witness that? Are we not more evolved?

I found the scene so upsetting on so many levels. Was it the fact that this fit chick who was taller than I am (5’6″ or do I claim) weighed 104, a number I haven’t seen since since I saw The Bangles? Or the awareness that this little girl was receiving a message that could change or define how she sees herself in years to come? Or was I simply annoyed she got to see Pearl Jam?

Of course, this immediately led me to that introspective place all moms go:

Have I said things to my own daughter that would lead her to believe she needs to be skinny to be happy? I mean, if I’m being honest, I’m quite sure I’ve asked my hubby a thousand times if things make me look fat, and I mean anything: “Does this new dress make me look fat?” “How about this new toothbrush?” “How about the cat? Does she make me look fat?”

As a gen Xer, I recall the age of fad diets and fad workouts. I remember Continue reading

A Label Whore Learns A New Shopping Trick – Who Knew?

I rarely if ever, take on a campaign where I review or talk about products that I’m paid to discuss. Yes, I’ve been offered cold hard cash to do so, but more amusingly I’ve been offered lot’s of shit: everything from sex toys to washer/dryers.  To those peeps I say “Look, if they won’t accept your mode of payment at Starbucks, I don’t accept it either. I’ve tried paying Starbucks with vibrators — no go.” Well except for this incident.

That said, I was asked to do a special shopping event for SearsStyle and I jumped at the chance — strictly to see if I could rise to the challenge. Why? Because I would never consider shopping for clothing at Sears. Frankly, the last thing I bought there was a treadmill and you can’t wear that to a party. Also, in my fabulous and long forgotten NYC days, I was a stylist and owned a personal shopping company — which makes me an addicted bargain hunter who knows how to shop.  So, I was all, “Bring it!”

My instructions were to find outfits at Sears and pick one to wear to an Art of Fashion and SearsStyle event at the trendy Raleigh Hotel in South Beach…

I have 2 rules about shopping:

1. You can find something great ANYWHERE!

2. Never spend a fortune on uber trendy items, when you can save that money for a sick bag or boots that will last you more than a season or two!

With that in mind, Continue reading

Summer Trend Report : How to be a Chic Mom

In my latest assignment, I sat down with Andrew Taylor the director of a major company that just totally revamped to find out what’s hip for summer.  Wanna know?  You gotta watch:


What’s your favorite trend for summer?

Va-What? Va-huh? Va-Why is it so Trendy to Adorn Your Va Jay Jay?

Seriously, either I’m too old or too prudish, but I can’t figure out why women need to do so much vaginal maintenance to get their man’s attention these days.  I used to be a vaginal visionary, a pioneer if you will.  I was the first on the block to get a Brazilian, a “landing strip,” and the unfortunate “wax-ident” I term, “The Charlie Chaplin.”  Well, I don’t have proof that I was the first, but I’m pretty confident.  Now, vaginal maintenance has become a truly hair razing experience. Continue reading