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What’s Hot for 2011-2012 School Year

Tips for Back to School Shopping,  What’s hip for 2011-2012 and where to get it on a budget.

I know, it’s still 10,000 degrees and the kids are way more exited about slip and slides than sliding scales, but it’s back to school time. Part of me wants to give a woof woof a la Arsenio Hall and the other part realizes, that simply referring to the dog pound makes me seem really old and shockingly uncool.

He was doin the "fist pump" long before the Situation


So let’s just go with a pound don’t forget to explode it… cuz that’s cool.

Now, the question is, How do I get the kids equipped, organized and on trend… on a budget and on the bus? Look, mine are at each other’s throats. Frankly, no school in the animal kingdom maybe the reason some eat their young. Well, except fish… they have school. But when was the last time you heard about fish eating their young? Hmm? I think I’ve made my point. Continue reading

I’m a Flash Sale Addict

gilt logo
You know the sites: Hautelook, Gilt, Zulily, Ideeli, Rue La La? There’s addiction in my family, so was no surprise that I would fall prey to the gene. For years my father feared that I would pick up some bad habit or other: pour the sauce, pop the pills, ride the cocaine train, squeeze the juice (okay I made most of that up. I’m not privy to the colloquialisms of drug users, but it sounded good right? Maybe I could get the last one to catch on with steroid users. “Brad looks so buff all of a sudden.” “Oh, didn’t you know, he totally squeezes the juice.” Okay, I digress. Continue reading

Heads Up on the CBS4 Segment Thursday 7/23 Sometime Between 5-6:30


Last week I received a call about doing a segment for CBS4 Miami as an “Expert Mom.” It’s ironic because I am totally an expert at the mom thing, as most of you know. It’s about time the media noticed. I was told the interview needed to be soon, so we agreed on Friday. On Thursday at noon I received a call from the reporter asking, “Can I come in an hour? This is the only time I am available.”

Well, I was still in sweaty workout clothes and hadn’t had a bite to eat. Oh, and I was also researching the subject of the interview. I said, “Fine, but hair and make-up will have to take precedence. “ He agreed, and that’s when I knew we’d be friends. I jumped in the shower and recited whatever info I could remember. I then grabbed a bowl of cereal and a serving ladel.  You get bigger bites that way.  I shoveled spoonfuls in with one hand, blew my hair dry with my second hand, and put on make-up with my third. Yes, I have three hands but that is a whole other blog.

The subject of the interview was, “What can moms do with their kids when they are not in camp?” The reporter questioned me about my blog, “Oh, is that what you write about? Places to take the kids? Crafts you can do at home?” I said, “No, I write about what happens when you do those things and they go horribly wrong.”

He really had no response and may have searched for a door, but all exits were barricaded. I would not lose the interview.  Aside from some dramatic sweeping hand gestures and goofy comments in a fake accent, I think the interview went famously. In the end, I’ll look like a certified expert or a certifiable lunatic.  it’s all in the editing.

By the way, look at my armpits for a tuft of white tissue. Yes, when I was blow drying my hair and sweating I shoved tissues in to make sure I didn’t have marks on my dress. Apparently I forgot to take them out… Good times, good times.

If you are not in South Florida, I will post a link… Maybe.

PS I was asked back to do another segment on back to school bargains!!!