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Nicole Kidman Gets Botox? and I care why? |Seriously? column at HYBRID MOM

Written By: Jenny From the Blog AKA Jenny Isenman

Look, I’m a pop culture junkie, but Nicole Kidman confessing to injecting Botox is a headline?  I mean, duh, her face hasn’t moved since “Days of Thunder.”  You know the worst part about celebs copping to this inoculation and other work?  They always say something like, “Yes, I admit, I did it in the past, but I don’t do it anymore.”  It’s like listening to an athlete talk about steroids or Pres. Clinton describing a pending offense.  Let’s not forget, he “didn’t inhale…” or “have sexual relations with that woman.”  Well, Bill… you missed the best part on both counts (or did you?)

Alas, Courtney Cox and Teri Hatcher and a slew of other celebs, who like me celebrate their 29th birthday year after year, have been forced by public scrutiny to admit to past experimentation as if it was a crime.  A crime punishable by Continue reading

Divorce is the New Marriage | the Suburban Jungle

Divorce is the New Marriage

Well, why shouldn’t it be?  I mean marriage has been “in” for quite some time now.  I remember a whole slew of celebs at the altar, littering my Star Weekly, and my Us with photos of beachy weddings (where planners logged a bazillion hours trying to make the wedding seem as if it was casually put together impromptu) and high end weddings (where planners spent a bazillion hours making sure it looked like they spent a bazillion hours.)  Either way, it was a waste of my ability to read, as we all knew these marriages would end in divorce.  But, they fooled me… I think they fooled us all.  These couples, prevailed against the odds.  Continue reading

My 3 Year Old’s Drinking Problem

While on a play date yesterday, my three year old daughter asked me for some apple juice.“One sec, I’m making it,” I called from the kitchen. My friend looked at me oddly and asked how one “make” apple juice? No, I wasn’t using a trendy juicer, I was filling half the cup with water. Yes, it’s true, I still dilute my daughter’s drinks, and I dread the day she gets a taste of the real thing.

Tasting straight apple juice for the first time is like discovering Us Weekly, instant addiction! I imagine just one drop of the undiluted appley goodness and she’ll no doubt, stop in her tracks, while listening to angels sing “Hallelujah.” Then she’ll have a grand epiphany and say, “Mother, I feel somehow different, it is as if my taste buds have awoken from a deep slumber and shall never sleep again!”

Before long, she’ll realize it was I, who prohibited this feeling for so long. It was I, who robbed her of such delicious joy. What else have I robbed her of? Is there better gum than the sugar free crap she’s tasted? Is her powdered Mac N’ Cheese not real cheese?

Before we know it, she’ll be hanging out in cider bars drinking straight from the tap. We’ll look for her to hold an intervention, only to find that she’s take up with a big rig driver who works for Motts and we won’t see her again until HE can no longer afford to fund her drinking problem. He’ll then drop her at our doorstep, juiced-up and maybe even on the sauce (the applesauce).

So do me a favor, if you see my daughter at a party or a school function, and you’re tempted to give her just a taste of that sweet nectar, take a step back and contemplate how you will be ruining our lives, and then give it to your own kid.