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Mine Mine Mine – Thoughts on Ownership by Baby Ryan

Here’s the thing I’m trying to get across to the servants today. If one of your baby’s has something I want, then it’s mine. MINE! I don’t know how to say it any louder. I think once I rip it out of their pudgy, wet, little, sausage hands, it belongs to me. In case that rule isn’t clear enough, I immediately stick it in my mouth and suck on it to let everyone in the park know that I am the new owner.


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Smoking Babies Need the Patch or Something |Baby Ryan’s Rant

We need to have an intervention for that Facebook baby they caught with a bong.  I can’t believe it.  It usually takes a while for babies to be introduced to drugs.  Sure, you hear the stories about moms who swear by a bit of bourbon in the bottle, though my mom calls them misinformed, but this is out of control.  First the baby chain smoking on YouTube and now this baby tokin’ on Facebook.  What is up with the babies of today?  READ MORE