Dear Readers Day 18 – Did I Survive the Camp Lenox Swim Test – Video

Dear Readers (Day 18) VIDEO BELOW –

Today, I took the Camp Lenox swim test. (Well, did I pass or did I drown? I’m not gonna spoil it and tell you which, but one of those things did happen.) Anyhoo, this is the test all the kids have to take to be rated.

When I was at my first camp, Camp Louise in Maryland, we had to wear a bathing caps. Not for speed, I assure you, it was because we were polite young ladies. I think??? When we completed the swim test, a lifeguard spray painted a color on your cap to let everyone know what level swimmer you are.

First of all, there is nothing less sexy than a swim cap!!! NOTHING!

Second of all, there is nothing more humiliating than bending over to have your unhip swim cap spray painted a color that may imply you’ll sink if you can’t touch the bottom.

Third of all, I realize the fact that we wore swim caps makes me seem crazy old, but let me share a fact about the boys camp, Camp Airy. When my stepdad, who’s 76, went there, they didn’t where swim trunks. We’re talking birthday suit swimming … I imagine instructional swim was a different beast. I’m pretty sure no one was teaching the back stroke and the Butterfly stroke was probably not very pretty.

But I digress, and now you can watch the swim test … I’m certain you’ll be impressed with my ability to stay alive.


Jenny From the Blog Bunk at Camp Lenox

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