3 thoughts on “Study Says ‘Mama’s Boys are Less Stressed’ Phew

  1. cherie

    Read the article in ivillage. Very well written and I guess its true, not having any boys of my own, but Suzie says its true.

  2. Terry

    In my experience the only one who comes out happy in this situation is the mother who create this monster! I understand the showing love to your son in order that he’s “mentally” well adjusted however, the reverse normally happens. Boys should be raised to not always depend on their mama, instead that should be taught that girls are precious no matter how boyish they act physically. In my humble opinion, boys are suppose to be tough enough to protect their wives and kids but expressive enough to know that their wives should be loved and nurtured AND that when they are an adult… the whole, whatever mama says has to GO! This is not a game, people’s lives and families are being destroyed at an alarming rate because of women have an unhealthy attachment to their ADULT sons!!! The wives hurt!


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