Wait, Someone’s Gonna Pay Me to Do My Job? As a Blogger That’s Novel

As you may or may not know, most of the job offers that bloggers get go something like this: Dear https://thesuburbanjungle.com I love your site and as a long time reader I think your audience would truly enjoy my awesome (tennis shoe cleaner, power washer, penis enlarger, coupon for colon cleanse, hilarious video clips, blah blah blah…) We’d be happy to send you a discount code, sample product, $25 gift card to Target, or nothing because you’d probably like to write about it since I went to the trouble of sending this personal email.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, a coupon???!!! And all I have to do is take a numerous hours out of my already hectic day to write about your crap, work the SEO, and promote it the 73 social networks I subscribe to?  You’re too too generous, $7 off my next colon cleanse seems well worth all that time and effort. You sure do know the value of slave labor.

no blogger ever

Let’s say 80% of my job offers look like that. Another 10% will pay me actual money to link to sex toys because I once talked about people giving away vibrators in an article titled: How Many Vibrators Does it Take To Turn On a Blogger.  And 9% are legit. Well, if you call touting their wares, which I don’t use and selling my soul, my site, and my readers off to the highest bidder, legit.  Which leaves 1% (I know you just checked the math, but it’s correct).

ONE Freaking Percent of the people that contact me (or I contact) want me to

talk about products I absolutely love or do something good for the universe … and they allow me to write my own opinions or allow me to decide which brands/products to talk about and what I link to.

These companies and organizations actually pay for my expertise with actual money that I can in turn use on my Starbucks addiction or my shoe addiction or my family’s weird addiction to eating daily.

I’m a spokesperson for 2 of these type campaigns right now. One is a secret, but let’s just say I’ll get to tell you about cutting edge procedures and products and whether they work or not, in my quest to look younger, dewier,  less age spotty, cellulity, veiny, and wrinkly. PS There will be before and afters… I’m hoping the afters look better!

The other is for the city of Miami, which I’ve been in love with ever since I spent 6 years there in college (relax I got my Masters people … it didn’t take me all 6 years to get just t

he one degree) and of course, I moved back to South Florida to raise my family and live here now.

I got to pick MY favorite spots to take the kids, MY favorite spas, and MY favorite places for incredible and unique workouts.  A couple of which I featured in the video that I wrote the copy for (which is above).

I also got to make MY OWN FREAKIN’ MIAMI GUIDE of the Best Things to Do in Miami. It’s not officially named that because I didn’t ask, but they probably would have let me. I didn’t even have to write this post, it wasn’t in a contract, it’s not paid for or sponsored … I just thought that the stuff I wrote about was awesome and if you’ll be visiting the area or live in the area, you should totally check it out. Plus, I wanted to brag in the name of all us bloggers who work damn hard and every so often get to do really fun really awesome things, which reminds us of our true value!

Best Things to Do in Miami With the KiddosBest Ways to Detox and Destress in MiamiBest Ways to Get Physical in the 305

PS: Thanks to the GMCVB (Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau) for being so amazing and choosing me to be your spokesperson – for my voice, my expertise, and MY opinion!

14 thoughts on “Wait, Someone’s Gonna Pay Me to Do My Job? As a Blogger That’s Novel

  1. Caroline Murphy

    Absolutely LOVE the video!!! I want to make my own scrub now!

    Congrats on all your endeavors and sticking to your guns! More bloggers need to do so! Enough with the box of cereal for compensation! Sadly the bank doesn’t accept it as form of payment for my mortgage!
    Caroline Murphy recently posted…Pumpkin Whoopie Pie RecipeMy Profile

  2. Donna

    Congrats! As someone who went to undergrad in Miami, I am going to check out the kids guide for when we visit. I bet it is very different than all the things I did!!

  3. PinotNinja

    Congrats! Your poise on the video — especially while on the paddleboard and climbing stairs in a robe — was amazing. How did you do that? Are you actually human?

    Do you take class at Exhale? I’m there most days for the torture session that is the lunch time class, so I’ll keep an eye out for you and we can do the secret blogger handshake.
    PinotNinja recently posted…Aerosmith Was Singing About Parenthood*My Profile

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      I love Exhale but don’t go there often. If I see you, I will do the handshake and then I’ll ask you the secret question and then I’ll go behind the closest door and give you the secret knock. Just to make sure you’re a true member of the blog tribe. I had no idea you were so close?!

  4. Cori

    Congrats on all your achievements. I see you on tv all the time for Pediatric Associates. I have a similar post inside my head about companies wanting us to blog about an app that’s free anyway. But wait, they’ll give us hi-res pics, too! But I think you wrote it so much more eloquently than I would.
    Cori recently posted…Free Weekend Events All Across the USAMy Profile

  5. Bari

    All I can say is you work crazy hard for money!!! You’re great at what you do and how you do it !!! Now do something for us faithful readers and share the swag. ( I’d ask for money but get how that goes)

  6. cherie

    Sign me up for the spa. Great video, makes me want to go to all the places and where do I get those bikes, that’s a great way of getting around town without having to worry where to park. Remember, what I told you when you were young don’t every give it away for free. LOL

  7. Barry

    Can’t stop sharing the video with friends Kinda reminded me of your pictures in Playboy in the 90s. I was almost afraid to look. You looked FANTASTIC!! Keep up the good work. Your making headway —, Money , shoes and jewelry have ALWAYS worked for you.


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