Smoking Babies Need the Patch or Something |Baby Ryan’s Rant

We need to have an intervention for that Facebook baby they caught with a bong.  I can’t believe it.  It usually takes a while for babies to be introduced to drugs.  Sure, you hear the stories about moms who swear by a bit of bourbon in the bottle, though my mom calls them misinformed, but this is out of control.  First the baby chain smoking on YouTube and now this baby tokin’ on Facebook.  What is up with the babies of today?  READ MORE

5 thoughts on “Smoking Babies Need the Patch or Something |Baby Ryan’s Rant

  1. Bari

    Yep, it’s the servants! What are these people thinking? First they corrupt the child then they publish the evidence! These people are just dying to be put away.

  2. rebecca

    Babies are born drunk and high all the time. This is a larger number than imagined. And mothers and fathers think their kids don’t know they smoke, drink or snort but I have not run into a student yet that was not well aware of their parents stash and how to strategically take it without making a big dent.
    The wealthier ….the more “pretentious” the parents act. Or better yet…the request for counseling because they just don’t know where their kid gets it. Seriously, anyone who works with kids sees this all the time.


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