A Chilling PSA on Texting and Driving Needs to Be Seen!

You usually come to my site for humor, but yesterday I was asked to write an article in response to the PSA that is buzzing all over the internet.  It is a shocking and gut-wrenching video, which was tough to watch and a hard to write about. Today my article was the “Top Story” at iVillage.com.

Please check out the article and most importantly make sure you watch the PSA and pass it on to everyone you know.  Make sure you watch before showing to children. to make sure the content is age appropriate.

This video could be such an important tool.  It does more than talk numbers, it shows repercussions.

Also, here is a link to the discussion about the PSA on yesterday’s Today Show.

6 thoughts on “A Chilling PSA on Texting and Driving Needs to Be Seen!

  1. cherie

    This was a very well written article and really drove the point home. I have decided I will not read any more e-mails while in the car unless it is parked.

  2. Lily

    Thanks for writing the article Jenny. I saw something about the PSA on a fb page but didn’t watch it until after your article. Texting while driving (not texting) seems like commen sense but I have done it before and more often I dial while driving which is just as dangerous. Anytime we take our eyes off the road to dial, text, read something, try to fix the DVD or hand our kids a snack we are not paying enough attention to the road. It’s a good reminder to slow down and focus. Thank god there was no texting when I was a teenager. That would have been me, seriously! Yikes! I like your serious side but go back to being funny I need my weekly dose!

  3. Jenee Evans

    very well written article. no sense of humor needed when you are writing about something so important. Abe will be driving solo very soon and will be watching that as much as it will be tough for him to see. It is so important and eye opening. thanks!

  4. Barry

    Great writing. Some things have to be seen, heard and written about to inform the uninformed. Nothing!!! Not texting, talking on the cell,eating or dealing with the kids is as important as ” Driving Safely, like your life depends on it”. IT DOES !!!

  5. rachy

    oh, jenny, the scenes just hit home, whether you relate to the little child wishing mommy and daddy would wake, or the girl in the car grieving over her friend.

    but the thing is, it all happens so fast in a collision………..and suddenly it’s too late. after the 1st collision, i just wanted to turn back the hands of the clock so the driver had a 2nd chance to swerve and avoid it.

    but the lesson is you have to stay alert not only to keep yourself out of trouble, but just as importantly to keep an eye out for the other driver who may distracted.


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