Promos for My New Show are Up!

I thought I’d keep you guys posted as the Jenny Isenman show takes form. Yes, the promos do include dancing and Gen X references…  both of which age the crap outta me.

Please take a sec to share with your friends and like or comment on the video. Frankly, I’m hoping to parlay “likes” into free shoes. Does it not work that way?

*Please note that I did not say Ricky Shroder would beat Rob Lowe  in a hotness contest, that would be a totally amateur statement, I mean, duh, it’s not like we were pitting Leif Garret against Shawn Cassidy or Scott Baio against Kirk Cameron (those would be a toughies).

However, the power of editing is great.  And now you know a fun behind the scenes fact, like on Pop Up Videos.

(If you don’t know what Pop Up Videos is, I must assume you’re young and wrinkleless and I’d be so jealous of your taut skin, well, either that or you’re Amish.)

Actually, the Ricky Shroder comment came from a confession about how I always wanted to take a ride on Ricky’s train and

maybe do a lap or two in his race car bed.   Whoa, that sounded way more risque than I meant it.  When I was wishing to ring Ricky’s bell (train bell, you sick people), I was barely a tween, though “tween” wasn’t a term then, and I was innocently wishing to do nothing more than hold the his hand.

OK, I wouldn’t have minded a little peck.

FINE, I probably would’ve let Ricky feel me up.

Whatever judgy people, he had freakin’ video games in his living room and a phone that looked like a mallard, you would’ve totally let him feel you up too!


PS if you missed the first promo, here you go (this is my favorite I think you’ll see why):

And definitely subscribe to the show or send me shoes, but one or the other.

Show set - LOVE!

Thanks for the love and support!!!

xo – Jenny From the Blog

42 thoughts on “Promos for My New Show are Up!

  1. Sherry Cola

    Jenny you were supurb! YOURE A STAR BABY! I can’t wait to see the show and it’s amazing how far you’ve come. You deserve it!

  2. LeslieBean

    wow, the set looks amazing and you look so proffesional, I’m not gonna say I’m not slightly jealous and kinda hate you right now. But, I’m sure I’ll get over it.

  3. Bethany

    I’ve been reading you for ever and I love seeing you do your thing, I always feel like when I read you it’s like watching you talk and now I know I was right – much congrats xoxoxoxo

  4. cherie

    showed it everyone at the office and they think you are GRRR–REAT. They love that fact that you are so natural on screen. You personality shines through.

  5. Julie Gerstenblatt

    Awesome! So excited for you. And excited for us Gen Xers who finally have a spokesperson for the return of EG socks. (You will do that, right? Just wear them once? On big socks/big hair day?)

  6. Katherine Schurman Ramos

    Thanks for sharing! Very funny and cute. Congrats on making it “big time”….who knows, maybe Ricky Shroder will be a guest speaker one day 😉

  7. Lori Stefanac (Lola)

    Hey Girl!
    MAZEL TOV on your show!!
    Hmmm…proabably shouldn’t follow the Yiddish congrats with “frickin”…
    Oh, who am I kidding!
    You fucking rock!!
    Much Love!

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Thanks Bar – I’m a little freaked out about editing what if they make it seem like I agree with the whole aging thing? Or find my cellulite cute? Or had a crush on Scott Baio? Ok, the last part is true, but the rest would be blasphemy.

  8. Dee

    You are funny and cute no matter what you do or say. Glad you told me where this show was, cz I was looking for a TV channel lol. I think you should write.. Your personality would come thru pages and make a book shine no doubt. Romantic comedy would be your thing. There I just outlined your next project and the next few years of your life lol. Sorry. I do think you would be great at it though.

  9. Ina Rae Fox

    I am so proud of you I EMailed all my friends everywhere.( That is quite a list) Telling them to watch the video I enclosed. Already got 15 replies they think you are adorable., clever and witty.

    I think so too.

    Love and much success Aunt Ina

  10. Tracy in Suburbia

    Yay you!! My little Jenny all grown up and with her own bitchin’ TV show!! It’s about time!!!
    Let me know when I can be a guest on your show and I will fly down to florida and we will talk about cool stuff from the 80’s (hmm, is that an oxymoron!?)



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