Pics from the Book Signing for See Mom Run

see mom run coverI promise next week I’ll go back to writing relatable and hilarious blogs about life as a parent, wife, and woman.  I just wanted to share some pics from the book signing for See Mom Run and thank everyone who came out.  It was an incredible evening.  Special thanks to Chris, Shiela, and the amazing people at aztig urban salon who made the night AMAZING.  Also, thanks to Exquisite catering by Robert for providing a lovely table of food and goodies.

P5210370Here’s a little annecdote for your enjoyment:P5210373 I was on the phone with my closest friend when a flower delivery was called in by the gatehouse.  I wasn’t expecting anything, but of course thought, oh my husband was so sweet.  I got off the phone got the flowers and yelled, “Did you send me flowers?”P5210364

“Huh? um no”

“Really you didn’t send me flowers?”

“No, seriously.”

“Well, someone did.” and do you know what my loving thoughtful husband’s response was?:


Yes, not only did he not think to send me flowers, in the disarray of me pulling things from all over the house to take to my event that was in T-minus 1hr., he couldn’t think of a reason to send them in the first place.  The beautiful exotic arrangement was from aforementioned closest friend, AKA my female husband.P5210382

If you want a signed copy of the book, contact me at I have no interest in making money from friends, family, or fans so it will be $13 to cover shipping and cost of the book. Profits will go to the R Baby Foundation! P5210386

5 thoughts on “Pics from the Book Signing for See Mom Run

  1. Bari

    You created a beautiful event. From the book signing, to the salon services, to the delectible bites the evening glistened. Kudos to you, the salon, caterer and your lovely friends for making a beautiful evening pay off for a worthy cause.

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  3. Cecilia Rogers

    Looks like fun….will make the next event!!!! I love these stories Jenny they are hilarious…..Thanks for the opportunity to laugh about our daily trial and tribulations as mother’s and wives…. GOOD LUCK with the book…

  4. The Business Coach for Moms

    You look so glam!! Good job! My book and book signing and all of that fun stuff will be coming up soon (jan) I must get my Glam look ready so that I can take glam pictures too!! Now where do i go to buy a purple dress?


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