Parents Peer Pressure

I’m aware that there’s already peer pressure on my children to watch certain movies, rent specific DVDs or play particular video games. Lately, I’ve also allowed them to watch some questionable flicks. After thinking about it, I’ve realized that it’s not my kids who are being pressured into seeing these movies — it’s me.

It started with Transformers, which I saw with two friends and their children. Within the first ten minutes, an obscene amount of people were injured, and words I hoped my son had never heard were spoken in large quantities. I glanced at my friends, expecting to see looks of shock and awe, only to find them calmly munching away on their popcorn and Raisinettes. Read More

3 thoughts on “Parents Peer Pressure

  1. Bari

    Spoken like a true parent, our friends influence our decisions relative to our children as much as our little ones’ friends do. It’s funny how we only think we’re being protective, and a bit scary too.

  2. Mona

    It was the same for me. It doesn’t get any better either. I wouldn’t let my boys get a MySpace account until they were in high school. (by then they didn’t want one) It seemed I was always the only mom who wouldn’t let them watch certain movies, stay up late, play violent video games, and on and on. You know, they turned out ok so my advice – follow your mommy instincts.


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