Not flossing could kill you!!! REALLY – Flossing and Heart Disease and Other Craziness

In case I have not made it clear, I’m a serious hypochondriac, but can’t seem to find the time to worry. That may be a good thing. Unfortunately, I also don’t often find the time to shower, eat, or have an intellectual conversation with my husband (that might not be a time thing). And now, this news comes up and kicks me right in the teeth. If we as a nation don’t start to floss, the outlook is pretty grim.

In the past two weeks alone, I think I’ve read like 15 articles about flossing sure I’ve been on the ADA site, but I’ve also read an entire chapter in my Dr. Oz book.  Yes, It seems that flossing can not only cause the ever dreaded gingivitis, which I’m already up countless nights worrying about, I’ve read about flossing and heart disease — how it can harm your arteries, your lungs … and one article may have claimed it could harm your cat.(Unless I misunderstood it, which I doubt.)

We’re really being inundated with the flossing thing?

The whole “to-do” has made me increasingly fearful of not flossing. Each night, as I drag my tired ass into the bathroom to wash up, I look down and there it is, right next to my Sonicare, ominously staring up at me.The box practically opening and shutting — puppet-like — begging me, “Don’t forget me … I’ll be the end of you …I’m mint flavored and waxed … think about your heart, your gums, your cat!”  I know, you’ve had the same talks with your floss.

Frankly, we all have the same response too: “Tomorrow,” we say “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Why does something so simple seems so hard, so time consuming, so utterly dorky?

I do not know, but I vow to start flossing everyday from now on … starting tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Not flossing could kill you!!! REALLY – Flossing and Heart Disease and Other Craziness

  1. Cherie

    This was very funny, I could just picture the floss jumping up and begging you to use it. You could get a water pic, this works to, but you still have to remember to use it. It’s a good thing your not a Dentist. I really enjoyed this article. Can’t wait for more…and I took time out of my busy day to read this because I can’t miss any article you write because they make my day.

  2. Ryan

    This is the type of thing you’ll have to just grin and bare. Because if you think about it, it’s like beating a dead horse with a bush while one hand is still in it holding two birds.

    Are you the singing bush?

  3. Anna

    Flossing always makes me think of that scene from “Peggy Sue Got Married” when the grandfather says the one thing he would’ve done over is to take better care of his teeth. Maybe you should consider some screen writing?!!! Gotta run now to Duane Reade to buy floss….Anna

  4. serena

    he will kill me for writing this…but, twice a year, my husband visits the dentist.
    in anticipation of the appt. he starts flossing…as if he’s playing catch up or something.
    there is floss all over the bathroom (always misses the trash can), on his nightstand, and the other day in my daughters hand as she played with her dolls.

  5. john doe

    I believe 2-3 cleanings a year were adequate and my flossing was random. Dr. Oz said it most effectively for me by saying he believed you could add 6 years to your life by flossing daily. The dentists recommended it with the cleanings but did not, for me, scare me like Dr. Oz and motivate the now daily flossings. I also find I have a hidden cavity that I have denied and can no longer procrastinate the inevitable. I have to wonder if I would have eliminated the 5-09 heart attack if I had. Regretful but still here. John

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