10 thoughts on “New Parenting Trend: Distracted Parenting

  1. Susan Morgan

    Wow, right on target.

    All our technology, and the times we live in, do affect our parenting styles. Distracted parenting is gaining ground. What we need to remember is that we do love these children, we do have a responsibility to them and we must make time for them.

    If we can’t do it all the time… at least try when you know they really need you. And let them know what you think about the “reality” TV and other world events… listen to what they have to say. That’s important too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pamela DeLoatch

    We do need to have a balance between the constant flow of information that technology allows us, and the rest of our lives. But what makes it so hard is that sometimes technology allows us to be a part of our children’s lives.

    For example, you described writing an article during your son’s baseball games. I’ve done that too– the alternative, however, might be to miss the game and stay home and work. Many parents get to come to early games and practices because they have the technology that lets them bring their work with them.

    And from there, it can so easily take over. Maybe creating “no technology” times, i.e. during dinner or when the kids first come home from school, would help parents commit to having times when they are focused on the kids. That does sound sad, doesn’t it?

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Thanks Susan. Pamela- you actually made me feel less guilty about writing during activities. I guess you’re right it’s certainly better than the alternative and I do get to be a stay at home mom. That settles it, more technology for all 🙂

  3. cherie

    You are right on. I take my blackberry on vacations and answer e-mails on the golf course. It’s a shame we can’t just get away like we used to before we were attached at the hip by our cell phones. I remember when we couldn’t get in touch with someone when we were driving. We actually had to pull over and find a pay phone or wait until we arrived at your destination to make a phone call. Technology makes it easier but it takes away our private time.

  4. Tiffa

    The pressure to work 24/7 is more overwhelming too. When my paretns came home after working their 8 – 5 jobs, that was it. Now we are expected to read our emails and respond to clients during vacation, at home, on the weekends. And don’t expect to be paid for it either. I say enough is enough. Home time is not work time. I deserved the one week vacation off from work.

    With that said, I totally have to spend time cleaning up on Frontierville. Ah, at least my 3 yr likes playing it with me 🙂

  5. Bari

    Technology makes the world go round. Unfortunately, it also makes it spin at a dizzying pace. I agree it’s necessary to stop the ride periodically. Take 100% focus time for yourself and the kids. Jobs are temporary, you and the kids are all important!

  6. Alison Astair

    Great article Jenny! About two weeks ago I wrote an article entitled “Put Down Your Cell Phone”. I think our minds are on the same track! I gave some suggestion on playing with your kids when to put down the phone!

    Sadly, it is the age of technology. All of our “instant gratification” is teaching our kids not to “wait” either. All of this greatly affects their learning and the way that they think.

    Hopefully your article will register with enough parents! Although they know their kids are more important, they need to show their kids that too!

  7. Luc Brooks

    One of the hardest parts of being a parent is finding that balance between being a parent and managing the other things we do in our lives. When my child was a baby I lived in a state of bliss because I lived in an apartment. I didn’t care about the state of my apartment. As a homeowner I struggle every day to take care of my home and tend to the needs of my child. The reality is trying to find some balance is a struggle.

  8. Sarina Preschool Games

    As long as you touch them, they will feel loved. My sons want me to bathe them now more than ever. These family weekends usually ended up in chaos – we would be screaming at them, threatening them.


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