6 thoughts on “New For Ivillage: Teens Text 100 x/day and How to Decipher Txt Lingo

  1. annon


    Wow i came here because i hear reviews of good stuff but i read the article to say in the end is.. “I guess the only thing we can do is make sure to get the unlimited texting plan (otherwise, at 5 cents a pop, 3,339 texts will cost you $166.95). I am a parent of a 3yr old and cant imagine how its gonna be when he is a teen but i can say is i have 2 nieces that are teens and i dont agree with the cellphones my aunt gave then and allowing facebook ,myspace etc the youth now a days is soo stuck to their phones and the net its crazy!! I am gonna invent a neck brace and become a millionaire because all you see is the youth face down on their phones to the point of they cant even walk in the mall because they are faced down texting!!

  2. Catherine

    I don’t think cell phones should be allowed during school hours unless there is some sort of emergency. The only ppl children need to get in touch with during school hours are their parents, and in most cases can easily use the office phone to call them. I don’t believe children should be given cell phones at young ages, as is, but certainly should not be allowed to operate them btwn 8am and 3pm.

  3. Karen Post author

    They normally have their phones taken away (weekly) for some reason or another, which gives me the opportunity to check up on them. Ultimately, a good parent always hopes they’ve instilled the proper morals and values in their kids to make good choices. Unfortunately, peer pressure becomes stronger and stronger in their teenage years.


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