Do You Need Microdermabrasion? Anti-Aging Tip of the Week for Gen Xers

dysonWell in answer to the question, Do you need microdermabrasion?  Yes, yes you do.  I don’t know exactly who you are but your skin is probably dull and the elasticity is probably slack.

Okay, I may be projecting, but along with suffering from dull slack skin, I selfishly envy fresh-faced youth. It always makes me feel good to drive by a high school, hang my head out the window and scream at the cheerleaders.  Things like. “Your pores may be small, but your such a slut and everyone knows it.” or “So what if you don’t have any wrinkles now, one day your kids will stretch your nether regions beyond recognition and your HS sweetheart will be a cheater working a dead-end job, and your face will show it all.    I know what your thinking, Can I come?

If you don’t have a high school nearby, then maybe you should try microdermabrasion.  First it sandblasts your skin with an abrasive material or ultrasound, then it vacuums your pores clean like a shag rug and it stimulates new collagen production.  I have been trying to coax my collagen into regenerate for months now, so if this works, I can stop begging!  It costs $100-$200 a blast and should be done by a licensed professional – it can cause damage in the wrong hands.

Will it minimize wrinkles?  Probably not, but it can help with fine lines,  sun worshipers with skin damage and those like me who are breaking out as an adult.

PS – You can get a pretty good at home version. The Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant  is my fave (it’s better than the Family Feud home version) it has pharmaceutical grade crystals and lactic acid and I kinda love it, but no more than twice a week (which is enough love for anyone).  To recreate the vacuum effect, I’m waiting for Dyson to make attachment, until then, try a deep cleansing mask that sucks the dirt from the pores like a charcoal mask. I’m obsessed with Origins Clear Improvement.

You can find more on how to deal with adult breakouts in this week’s column for SmartBeautyGuide.

Ever tried microdermabrasion? Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Do You Need Microdermabrasion? Anti-Aging Tip of the Week for Gen Xers

  1. Bari

    Im loving all these beauty secrets! Women need to dish more!! I’m learning so much and at my advanced age an slacky skin I really need it!


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