A New NBC Segment is in: Unique Gifts for the Holidays

Looking for unique holiday gifts?  Or maybe you’re just an awesome supporter of Jenny From the Blog, either way, enjoy the latest parenting segment! Watch out Today Show.

If a video does not come up, use this link:
Unique gifts segment for NBC

Links to the products you see on the show:
Butterscotch Blankees -Yummy customized keepsakes

Switchittz Tees -unique interchangeable shirts for imaginative kids

Damhorst Toys and Puzzles -Personalized wood toys

16 thoughts on “A New NBC Segment is in: Unique Gifts for the Holidays

  1. Pattie

    Thanks so much for sending the link. I love seeing you on TV. A you’re a natural and B it’s great to put a face and voice to all the writing.

  2. Pam

    You have such a good eye. Those are all the type of gifts that I would pick. Classic, cute, soft… thoughtful. Keep doing the product segments, I know you love fashion and shopping ect. I would love to see what you come up with.

  3. Irena Lavey

    Way to go. I love watching you on TV you really do remind me of someone on the Today Show… no one specific, but that’s a good thing


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