NBC Segment Tips for Moms to Stay Healthy

Another one is in!!! Making time to go to the Doctor!
The Tips


Being a mom, you begin to realize the value that each minute actually has. A 24 hour period, once known simply as “a day,” is now a race to accomplish a myriad of tasks from bathing and feeding little ones to hosting playdates, doing homework, and attending ballet classes and sports practices. We are also required to: Build forts as intricate as the Chrysler bldg., slay monsters, provide Wii games before they are even in production, throw 50 pound children in the air without dropping them, refill sippy cups for chain drinkers, keep our kids protected from the sun, predators, and plastic ware with the no# 3, 6, or 7 on the bottom, expose them to just enough germs to build their immune systems while carefully protecting them with just a little sanitizer, to avoid poisoning them.

Wow, I’m out of breath. The problem is we often forget to do important things for ourselves, like go to the doctor. When the kids are sick we find the time. Hell, if the kids get so much as a sniffle, it’s off to the pediatrician they go. Even their dental appointments are made six months in advance. So, why is it that we can’t find the time to get that yearly check-up, that pap smear, mammogram, dental cleaning…?

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule

2. Use your birthday

3. Location, location, location

4. Find a clinic

5. Have a sick plan

10 thoughts on “NBC Segment Tips for Moms to Stay Healthy

  1. Lori Stefanac

    So I just visited the dentist at what I thought was my 6 month appointment. My dentist, after carefully studying my chart asks, “don’t you like me?” I replied with “of course I do…what are you talking about?” He says, “your last appointment was TWO YEARS AGO!”

    I was both mortified and confused. I think motherhood has put me in some sort of time warp! Your reminder to keep up with our doctor’s appointments is really invaluable! This time, as I left my appointment, I immediately made my next one. I don’t want my kids to have to go through the embarrassment of living with a “toothless” mother who eats only pureed foods. Life is hard enough for them.

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Glad I could be of service. I’m at the point that being in the vicinity of my son can be embarrassing for him, a gap toothed, slobbering mom drinking steak through a straw would not go over well.

  2. Barry

    You looked great on tv. The article was very informative. Question. If driving a little distance would stop you from going to a doctor often, would driving a great distance, say an hour from home, be too far to go for a hair color? Responding to kids being embarrassed, we parents would embarrass the kids if we looked like George Clooney and Angela Jolie. It’s kinda a no win thing. When we become empty nesters, we have a tendency to carry the same traditions, only it’s with our pet. If my dog looks like he’s even considering to not feel well, it’s off to the vet. Loved your article.


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