My Take on Parenting News: AKA “Seriously?”

Check out some news of the week and links to my reporting and take on these topics:

Better Looking Parents Have Daughters -Poor Gisele, I guess she’s just not cute enough.

Mom Uses Facebook to Pick her Babies Name – The money she’s getting makes this the best parenting decision she’s made so far.

Gwen Stefani Took Her Son for a Mani/Pedi – Well, that’s what happens when your a celeb without a little girl.

Enjoy and comment if you get a chance, I’ll copy your comments here.

2 thoughts on “My Take on Parenting News: AKA “Seriously?”

  1. Bari

    Do stars make great parents? Let’s see… There’s Angi who’s adopted a child from almost every nation in the world, it doesn’t get any more maternal than that does it?


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