Momfession 2 – Do Not Say This Has Never Happened to You

momfession 2OK people, just know that the following totally embarrassing video was done for you! So, I hope you appreciate it enough to send me shoes and cash and Thank You notes and share with others whose bladders are not what they once were. Not that you know the state of other people’s bladders, but it’s safe to say if they’ve birthed children and are living on a planet with gravity, they’re effected or will be.         Enjoy…

NO JUDGEMENTS! JUST KNOW, I AM NOT ALONE, It’s true – Estimates find that 25 million women have light bladder leakage or athletic leaks.

A note about Just Go Girl (who awesomely sponsored this week’s confession). These pads were made for – women like us who’re active and not sitting on a sofa ordering off HSN all day. It’s why they’re thong shaped and thin and aren’t visible from behind, even in yoga pants, which is perfect.

I know, everything is better in a chart, right?

You can order samples here and Just Go Girl to send me those Thank You notes and shoes and shares we discussed earlier (I think my sacrifice was worth it).

XO ~ Jenny From the Blog

11 thoughts on “Momfession 2 – Do Not Say This Has Never Happened to You

  1. MrsJennyK

    Four kids including twins. It’s more than just a little sometimes! Pantyliners don’t cut it and the often-advertised tinkle pads do indeed cause chaffing for me and are way too bulky. I am off to order some JustGo liners RIGHT NOW! I hope I do not sneeze again before they arrive.

  2. Rorybore

    I learned this weekend that I can no longer jump on a trampoline.
    so bummed.
    I mean a sneeze or cough, I can usually catch it…. .right. But a trampoline? that bounce Goes The Heck On.
    yeah, not good.
    Rorybore recently posted…WW: Blooms Part DeuxMy Profile

  3. Carrie

    Soooo….you don’t take regularly pictures of your crotch?

    Wow. OK. Yeah, I don’t either. =)

    I DO THE SAME CRAP. The other day I was yapping with a couple of girls at the office and we started laughing. Then I started running. To the restroom. And I seriously almost couldn’t make it. And my stupid button on my slacks kept getting hung up and I was twitching and squiggling and it almost got really bad.

    Ok…kinda DID get bad but it was late in the day and I had perfume in my purse.

    Yeah. I just spewed this all out on your public blog.

    But at least I don’t take pics of my crotch. Right?

    Carrie recently posted…I always win. Even when she’s a jerk and mouthy and makes me want to punch her in the gut. I always win.My Profile

  4. Barbara Rosalie

    In my family, we refer to that as “laughing ’til the tears run down your leg.”

    My cousin and I like to do this to my sister as often as possible. One time, when we were all camping, we made her laugh so hard, not only did tears run down her leg, she also threw up carrots. Which was particularly interesting since she didn’t remember having eaten any carrots.

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