Missoni for Target Why are you Toying with My Emotions?

Don't be jealous, but I have the dresses at far left and far right. OK, be jealous if you must.

This goes out to all my fashionistas, with or without the budget to buy what they crave.

Look, we can’t all be Suri – playing in our $100,000,000 tree houses while waiting for our own “personal shopper” to come home bearing the hippest of clothes without ever having blinked at, or even looked at the price tag.

So this is what $100grand gets you in the treehouse real estate market.


But any good fashionista knows how to get what she desires, whether she can afford it or not.  She knows how to shop a sale, how to shop an outlet, how to shop online and when to shop a low priced chain.  Plus it never hurts to have friends in the industry from one’s days as a stylist.

Like a great detective, a good shopper always gets her dress.  But how is one to take advantage of a designer who decides to do what we all did in college and, slum it for a week or two, if she can’t get the goods in her cart?  Virtual or otherwise?

I know, I’m supposed to love being an American because of terms like “laissez faire,” “capitalism” and “free enterprise,” but damn you eBayers for ruining my ability to buy Missoni at Target!  Like Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem, it’s really unpatriotic of you!

For weeks I have anticipated Missoni’s arrival.  Sure, being bombarded with commercials, print campaigns, and an enviable fashion week show made my desire stronger.  Yes I know, another American perk – ad space.  Sure, I wanted the bike and the pillows, maybe a throw or two, that cute little espresso cup set with multiple patterns and a

I did get one of these, but who has a dinner party for 5? Hello?

stand for your countertop, 


and let’s not forget the clothes.  Oh, the clothes. Look, I’m a label whore and a clothes whore (I know it’s a clothes horse,) but I never give up a chance to use the term whore. Until now, my Missoni stuff (never bought at retail) was mandated to affairs and on-air segments, but for $49 I can wear Missoni to pick up carpool.  Hell, I might wear it to shoot hoops.  Probably not, as my love of stilettos makes that nearly impossible, though I have played baseball in wedges.  (More on that fiasco)

Like so many of you, I went online at midnight hoping the sale would be up.  I tried to get online after carpool the next morning only to find the cart not working.  Like the Jessica’s (Alba and Simpson) that is, I dreamt of tooling around town in the striped bike.

Look, I schlepped to the store at 8:45 AM and the shelves were bare.  The home goods had been cleaned out and the women’s racks had a few rogue dresses and sweaters that I nabbed within seconds of another mom close on my heels.

I watched as those 8AMers, who I was told physically fought over items, try on their booty.  Because I’ve never been much of a hair puller, I relied on my ability as an ex-stylist and made small talk with the gals – helping them put outfits together and in return receiving their throwbacks.  By the time I was trying on MY items the next round of vultures was awaiting my “no” pile.

Seriously, had I known that the rest of the world was scooping up everything they could get their hands on to resell like tickets to a Justin Beiber concert, I wouldn’t have thrown 25 pieces to those hungry vultures that were crowding the dressing rooms so densely they had to be cleared multiple times by security. After picking about 10 items for myself and 10 ridiculously cute ones for my little girl, 

So freakin' gag! Relax, the twins theme was only for the pic. Sweater goes back!


So Freakin' CUTE

I then found myself at an end cap looking at makeup bags.  (The bottom of the barrel of Target shopping.)  A woman swooped by and literally devoured the content of the shelves into her cart like a swarm of locusts.  The only thing that would have made the scene more cartoonesque would have been if she’d ridden up on the Missoni bike swept it into the basket and then turned around to swipe the lone makeup case that I was holding in my hand.

I wore one of my new spoils yesterday and multiple women walked up to me and simply said some variation of, “Is that from Target” and “How did you get it?”  For the first time, ‘Is that from Target?’ Wasn’t taken as an insult. And my answer, “Yes, yes it is. I was persistent and bucked the new ‘American Way.’”  I also whored out my services as a stylist for a few hours. Oh, capitalism you fair weather friend!




I’ll leave you with this quote from the New York Times, as I head off to throw a couple items on eBay.  What?  If you can’t beat em’?
‘…the company (Target) said that demand for items was higher than it was on a typical day after Thanksgiving, and that is usually the biggest shopping day of the year. “The excitement for this limited-time designer collection is unprecedented,” said Morgan O’Murray, a spokeswoman for Target, in an e-mail. Target’s Web site was working properly again at about 11 p.m. Eastern time Tuesday.’

Yes, and by 11AM the next day 41,000 items were selling for double and triple the price on eBay.

PS if you want to know about my stock I’ll also be scalping items in the Target Sunrise parking lot along with tix to a Justin Beiber concert.  Well, I have to make up for all the items I threw back!
Tell me your Missoni tale:  (you can leave a comment by the title if you don’t see a link at the bottom)

17 thoughts on “Missoni for Target Why are you Toying with My Emotions?

  1. Kim Marineau via Facebook

    Oh my gosh you said I was perfect…yet I have so much to learn from you. This article made my head spin. I wore 4 1/2 Jessica Simpson black platforms to work yesterday, does that count? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that. Remember, you said I was perfect…

    (on your sidebar…the perfect thing…I need more coffee)

  2. Kim

    Oh my gosh you said I was perfect…yet I have so much to learn from you. This article made my head spin. I wore 4 1/2 Jessica Simpson black platforms to work yesterday, does that count? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that. Remember, you said I was perfect… (on your sidebar…the perfect thing…I need more coffee)

    BTW your site looks freakin’ awesome. I want to turn my head backwards too…HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL

  3. Jamie

    Went to 2 Targets – all sold out. People filled their carts then went thru it after they hoarded it! Why am I not surprised with that mentality?

  4. Lyn

    That sale was ridiculous and the fact that so many people bought stuff to resell really sucks for all of us who just wanted a few cute things. I loved that you found humor in the situation… but you always do!

  5. Bari

    I’m lovin’ the mommy/ daughter Missoni outfilts. You could offer up do an ad for them and maybe get a few free pieces thrown your way. You and Ryan look perfect in your newly styled family room!

  6. JLS717

    A friend of mine told me she was in the shoe aisle looking for tennis shoes for her second grader, and while her preschooler was trying on a pair of Missoni flats (just for fun), some beyotch in her 60s came over and grabbed the shoe off of her daughter’s foot. My friend said “Are you kidding me?” and the woman told her “Get a life.” then turned to the 4-year-old and said “Shoes are not toys.”

    I honestly don’t get it, I’m not a fan of the zig zag stuff. I have no clue who Missoni is, so this will be one bandwagon that can careen out of control without me on it.

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Jen- I love the stuff and still don’t get how people are fighting in the aisles and literally taking shoes off others feet… cute little toddler feet. That mom should have take the other shoe and beat her with or at least the kid could have kicked her in the shin and ran away. That’s what I do when someone pisses me off.

  7. awesomesauciness

    As someone whose sole nod to fashion – of any kind – is to paint her toenails, I have to say this is some ugly stuff…and wonder if it was created from the unsold lots of upholstery fabric stored in a warehouse since 1978 when these patterns were popular on couches, chairs, etc.

    However, the greedy part of me is wondering why I didn’t buy up all this stuff when I saw it in the store?? Instead, I instinctively turned away to avoid herking all over my “designer” flip-flops.

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      I also own the real deal and I have to say I’m a little obsessed with the target version. Nope, it’s not the same material or stitch count, but it looks fabulous on and I don’t have to save it for a special occasion, oh, I’ll be rocking it come PTA night. I said it and I meant it. They may just vote me president for my fashion sense and savvy shopping abilities, but I will respectfully decline.


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