Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine

(Next to antibiotics)

getting a shot
Okay, let’s put it out there.  This blog is for the most part fluff.  Sure, it’s funny, sometimes insightful, ironic, relatable fluff, but fluff nonetheless.  Today, I had a conversation with a person 100’s of miles away, who reminded me that fluff has its purpose. I was ordering Isagenix, which I’m sure will be the subject of a post or two to come, and as I gave the girl on the phone my info, she stopped me mid sentence.  “Wait, your name is so familiar did you write for a magazine in South Florida?”  Yes, if you mean the one that hired me to do a humor column and fired me for announcing I would take on a Crack habit for my New Year’s Resolution.  “SHUT THE DOOR”  (Okay, she didn’t say that, but her intensity truly implied it) “You helped me soooo much more than I can help you.  My husband and I read the column religiously and I sent it to friends and family.”  She then began to rattle off the content of articles written over 2 years ago.  “You gave me hope that other moms went through the same stuff I was going through, you made me laugh when I was depressed and stressed by being so real.”  She went on to tell me that she had discussed with her husband whether she should contact me, but thought it would seem too creepy.  I said she should have, but the truth is, it would have been creepy.

In the end, I guess the hope I gave her in finding her niche in our town wasn’t enough, as she moved way north, but just hearing that articles about juice addiction, botox, and android neighbors made days more bearable was quite inspiring.  It’s so nice to touch someone you had no idea you were touching.  Sure, that sounds like the defense at a pedophile’s trial, but I mean it in the least disturbing way possible.

15 thoughts on “Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine

  1. The Napkin Dad

    In the last year or so I have become somewhat well known locally for the napkins I draw. The stories and interviews usually focus on how that got started, which is by me putting those napkins in my daughters’ lunches that they brought to school. 3 times since the publicity I have received I have had friends of my daughters, who I didn’t know, contact me to tell me they loved getting those napkins at lunch time as well. My daughters would bring them out at the lunch table and pass them around. It would get them into conversations about whatever topic I had drawn about. All the friends wrote to tell me how cool it was and how much they had appreciated the napkins and the conversations that had arisen. That touched me a great deal. One never knows the impact you have.

  2. cherie

    Did you tell her to read your blog so she could get more insightful information and remarks. Good job, you reached out and touched someone. See, you are inspiring.

  3. nancy

    Hey Jenny- Humor is the most sophisticated form of communication there is. Don’t call it fluff. It broadens our perspective, makes our lives more fun, and also more bearable. Keep it up and give yourself credit for brightening the days of many people hundreds of miles away with whom you will never have a conversation. I’m so glad I’ve been able to have that conversation. You are a gem.

  4. Bari

    The best contribution we can make in life is to have a positive effect in someone elses’. You’re lucky to be creative and talented enough to touch so many. You can put laughter into an otherwise stressful day. Insight into an otherwise confused or distraught mind. You really do create magic your way. And the wonderful surprise you get back is to know you’re doing something to make a valued difference in the world of others. Job well done!

  5. Emme

    Fun, hilarious, ironic, sarcastic, informational, relatable… there are lots of words I’d use to describe your work… fluff is not on of them!

  6. Angela

    too funny. Well, consider it boys or ADD or whatever you will, they are all easily distracted, even if we’re lying on the floor to get the blood rushing to our heads


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