What to Say When Your Kids Catch You in the Act

Talk about awkward. Here’s my take on explaining the unexplainable.

footI always say it’s not a matter of “if” your child will walk in on you and hubs doing the deed, it’s a matter of “when.” Sure, there are lots of excuses: “Mommy and Daddy were just wrestling… naked.” “Oh, mommy slipped and her clothes fell off and dad was helping me up. Why are his off too? Well, he didn’t want me to feel silly.” “This is a special dance we do for rain, you know like on the National Geographic channel? Damn that drought and global warming!” And of course when they’re over a certain age, there’s just no explanation other than, “Okay, you caught us.”


6 thoughts on “What to Say When Your Kids Catch You in the Act

  1. rachy

    good advice. funny thing, but in all these years (boy are 18 and 20 now), never had to face the situation. well, we always made sure the door was closed securely.

    now i can relate to the “seems to last a minute”! if all your lady readers are honest about it, i think we all know a man only needs about 3 minutes for his quick little something. isn’t that true?

  2. Beth

    My biggest nightmare!!! I walked in on my parents and I think I was scarred for life. Now, I go out of my way to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself!


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