You Helped Me Go Glamping This Summer

Dear Readers,


Remember when you guys awesomely tweeted and put up Facebook requests to #SaveJennySendKeurig? Well, it actually worked and that means you guys made a difference. Sure, you could’ve volunteered at a homeless shelter or served food at a soup kitchen, and I bet that woulda felt great. But if you didn’t, I’m just saying, please take a moment to be proud of yourselves because you made a huge difference in my summer.

I had been suffering from major headaches, groggy mornings, and snappy AM syndrome. That is when you literally bite someone’s head off for simply smiling, asking a question, or saying hello. It’s not pretty. Also, it’s probably not a good condition to have around children.

Plus, I’d like to reiterate what I’ve had to endure until now. This was no glamping trip. You probably can’t empathize because the stuff I’m about to discuss is hard to put on paper, let alone imagine, but do you know how truly difficult it is to watch a glorious sunrise over a breathtaking lake while drinking a crappy cup of coffee?

I doubt it.

Do you know how tough it is to endure slightly uncomfortable chronic headaches that hit around noon as I’m hiking to a resplendent waterfall, tie-dying an awesome tee shirt, taking a relaxing yoga class with awesome kids, or learning how to spin like a DJ?

I don’t think so.

What about how truly heartbreaking it is to feel tired at around 2 and be forced to take a siesta during rest hour? I don’t think you could really sympathize until you see me resting snuggly in my bed, having a camp nurse rub my temples and tell me, it’ll be alright.

Well, do your best because …

I was forced for like nearly a month to do these things, it in many ways reminds me of The Shawshank Redemption (well mostly because the coffee tasted like sewer water, but also because I like to fill my pockets with sands and slowly release it out my pant legs).

Then this happened …


The last couple weeks have been magical and you made that magic happen, cheers!




2 thoughts on “You Helped Me Go Glamping This Summer

  1. Carrie

    I’m sorry. I missed out on so many of your blogs on the camping. I’m a loser for this.

    But one thing I can say (other than the fact Keurig’s are life’s answers to so many questions), I don’t think you could get one ounce cuter.

    Not. One. Ounce.

    I need to slow down in life. Camping is good and I love doing it…well, in our RV. Which I’m told ain’t really camping but more like just ‘parking’ but I’m ok with that. I’ve earned it. Worked hard and by God am gonna park when I wanna.

    I’m so glad I found you a few weeks ago….I just need to catch up with you now. =)
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