Is Playing Online Games with the Opposite Sex Flirting?

Until recently I would have answered that question, “No way, playing games against anyone, men included, is innocent fun.” But now I’m not so sure. What happened? The other day, after scoring 72 points with Q-A-T-S (yes, it’s a word) while playing Words With Friends, I got a chat IM asking me to text a sexy picture of myself. WHAT?

Look, I haven’t been hit on in quite some time, but that’s flirting, right? Horrible, letchy, uninvited flirting. Couldn’t he have gone with “Nice word”? Seriously, I have a rule that word games should never make you feel like you need a shower.

Here’s the thing: many of us enjoy playing games on our smartphones and tablets. Okay, many of us are addicted to these games. We’re playing them with more than a handful of friends, as well as random Facebook connections we couldn’t pick out of a lineup. So, where’s the harm? They’re just games, right?

Or are they?

One time, after beating an old high school acquaintance at Scramble With Friends

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5 thoughts on “Is Playing Online Games with the Opposite Sex Flirting?

  1. Kiran

    I don’t think the act of playing them with the opposite sex is the problem. BTW – what the hell does that word even mean Q-A-T-S? Anyway, I think that when a text appears like it does for you, you have just got to SHUT IT DOWN.

    If you answered, any of the following:
    1) Sure. How about this one of my boobs?
    2) Wait a minute, let me shave first!
    3) Or – here – had one ready just for this!

    You would be flirting.

    Otherwise you are just playing. And the perv best move on.
    Kiran recently posted…NormalMy Profile

  2. Amy levine

    It can get a little weird when playing a male friend or “old friend” and an interesting word gets on the board and a comment is made. U feel the need to respond with a witty comment but it can easily get pushed to a level of uncomfortableness. Ex: the word “Muncher” came up on my board. Thankfully I was playing a girl and we were lol and making jokes. If that was a man, probably would’ve been an end to our gaming relationship

  3. Melissa

    All I can say is- I don’t chat with any of my opponents! Occassionally, when I see them I’ll say “you are killing me (because I almost always lose)”. Or make a comment about a word. And I usually only play people I know, not really on purpose or anything, it’s just that I have so many games going on I don’t have time for stranger. Anywho, I would y that’s not flirtation, that’s borderline stalking…and full-on creepy.

  4. Theresa

    I LOVE this idea. New to your blog, and you picked the very pet peeve I just complained about! We have one trash day. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to drag trash cans to the curb in my pjs at 6am because he forgot and I can hear the truck coming.

    Plan to hit your archives! 🙂
    Theresa recently posted…NadaMy Profile

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Welcome Theresa – I hope I don’t offend you before you become addicted. Ohhhh, I’m with you. The trash men have seen more of my nether regions than any person whose name you don’t know, should!


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