I’M OBSESSED With: Elizabeth Arden Ceramides and More

This week in my I’M OBSESSED column we’re talking delish anti-aging products, my new favorite gloss, and the best dry skin barrier cream — all perfect for summer and travel.


A couple weeks back I was approached to try a yummy bag full of Elizabeth Arden products to see what I thought. I usually say no to these requests, unless I LOVE the company and because Elizabeth Arden makes one of my all time favorite anti-aging products: Prevage… I was in.


And … I’ve got three new obsessions.

1.  Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum: It goes on like a silky oil, but sinks in and leaves a matte finish, plus it works as a primer for makeup, which is kinda awesome. And best of all it reduces fine lines with tons of hydration, which is really what I’m always looking for in a product. “That Smart Water, does it hydrate?” “That deep conditioning treatment, does it hydrate?” “That iPad cover, does it hydrate?” What? Hydration is the secret of life. You know in City Slickers when Curly says the secret to life is “Just one thing?”I’m pretty certain he was talking about hydration.

I’m not gonna lie, the capsules are fun to open. (60 for $72)

It’s made with tons of lipid derivatives that I could write here (but none of us could pronounce anyway), Retinyls and Vitamin E and A, which together reduces fine lines, smoothes skin, softens skin, clears skin tone, firms skin, and hydrates which is perfect to go into the dog days.

2.  I found the sickest glosses, Beautiful Luminous Lip Gloss in Latte I find a good nude color is a staple.  And a baby pink (Sweet Pink – goes on lighter than it looks) that’s a necessity for a summery pout.The gloss has Shea butter, smells like vanilla, has a lip plumper in it, and a mirror on the side of the tube, which is essential because frankly, when I put on lip gloss mirror-less it looks as if I put it on while riding a roller-coaster.

It goes on way lighter than it looks, I never would have thought to try this color and it’s my new fave. ($18)

It’s made with mango and Shea butter to lock in moisture, maxi lip technology: that supports collagen and plumps the look, Ester to soften and moisturize and emollients to extend wear time.

3.  Eight Hour Cream – This has been used on me by make-up artist to keep my unruly eyebrows in place and to add a little shine to my eyelids and lips. It’s really meant to be a skin protectant that hydrates chapped skin, burns, and calluses, but it’s one of those secret weapons that does way more. When this package arrived I had just gotten back from my flight from doing the Today Show and my hands and feet were completely dried out… and my kids were completely sun burned (having been watched by lovely, but inattentive besties, who didn’t force them to shower or reapply sunblock. Whatever besties!).


That said, I slathered this stuff all over their backs, shoulders and cute little noses, not to mention my not so cute feet and it was AWE-SOME! I will definitely add this to my arsenal. The next day it was on my eyebrows, the top of my cheek bones and my legs after a shave.  PS I have infamously itchy dry legs. Like, “scratch with a brush, scribble messages on my legs to my hubby” kinda dry and itchy. I’ve tried everything from slick oils to prescribed creams and nothing. Four days in (I don’t want to jinx it) and no itchy or secret messages plus my legs looked super shiny for a night out (if only I had somewhere to go).

Rebecca Resptrepo, who is an amazing make-up artist, uses it for every flight on lips, hands, and elbows and says you should warm it up in your hands first (so like Mr. Miyagi it).

An award winning combination of petrolatum, skin-soothing beta-hydroxy and vitamin E reverses the dryness in the skin and gives you a healthy looking glow.

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This post was sponsored by Elizabeth Arden, but all I’M OBSESSED posts are written about items I’m actually obsessed with, normally I approach the brands, but this case was win-win. All thoughts (as always) are my own or were planted into my head by an alien nation.

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