I Got My Own Show!

First promo is out (if you’re a YouTube subscriber, please like it)!!!

It seems like forever that I’ve been waiting for someone to give me my own show. Yes, it’s true… rounding the corner on 40 certainly wasn’t helping. I was making a running list of all the things I WILL NOT DO. You know, like a depressing version of a bucket list? Actually, that’s redundant, but you get the picture.

My looming midlife-ishness was making me realize all the things I haven’t been given that I feel I truly deserved, like: 10million from the Florida Lottery, a Ford Fusion from American Idol, or a Medical degree from Harvard. Granted, I’ve never played the lotto, been a contestant on American Idol, or attended Harvard, but still I feel slighted.

Which is how I’ve felt about the whole getting your own show thing. I mean let’s face it, everyone has a show now a days, EV-ERY-ONE. Really, it doesn’t take much. You don’t even need a full set of teeth (see Gator Boys and Honey Boo Boo) Sure

Honey’s 7 so those will grow back in, but I’d venture to say that she’ll be missing a few in adulthood as well. (Call it a premonition.)

I just want to state for the record that I do have all my teeth, which is usually a plus in the job market search, but now I am considering knocking one out or at least covering it in gold. What? Does Flava Flav not have a show?

I guess the truth is, with everyone having a show, I kinda just imagined that there was a line somewhere, like a make-shift DMV. You wait in it, all annoyed until someone with really long nails and two tone hair looks at you and tells you your gig. “Hmmm, annoying accent, high hair, tattooed, currently intoxicated… JERSEY SHORE, ANY MOB SHOW, CO-HOST ON THE TALK.” “Highly educated, dry, unattractive, interesting and cerebral… sorry, your options are limited NEW YORK TIMES TV Host (only to be watched during air travel), guest on REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER.” “Looks good in a bikini – doesn’t prune in hot

tubs or pools – questionable morals… BACHELORETTE, BIG BROTHER.” “Funny, un-pc, likes to talk while standing, attractive enough… LATE NIGHT TV.”

You know, something like that.

So for years, I’ve sought out this “line,” and like unicorns and tooth-fairies – it exists but, only to those who believe… which is why I found it. Or rather, it found me. Yep, my show, THE JENNY ISENMAN SHOW, will be airing on Cafe Mom starting October 16th!

Here’s the first promo!!!

I like to believe my DMV bio went like this: Funny – anxiety stricken – obsessed with cellulite/wrinkles/sagging – annoyed with all the hype about beauty products, juice fasts, scheduled sex – may or may not have showered today – needs answers to cut through all the bullshit and look and feel at least a decade or two younger so that she doesn’t end up in a padded room – attractive enough…. TALK SHOW FOR MOMS, REAL HOUSEWIFE OF SOMEWHERE, GUEST ON DR. PHIL, HOARDERS.

We just finished filming the season last week and it was total insanity… (By the way, it’s a talk show for moms, in case you weren’t sure.) I was sick as a dog! My voice went from Demi Moore sexy, in early episodes to Harvey Fierstein drag queen, towards the end, I kid you not. I had an amazing set, amazing guests, amazing producers, a 15 person crew: filming, trying to keep me healthy, fed, and hydrated… checking hair and makeup. Sounds a bit Christian Grey-esque right? I mean, these are things a girl can get used to!!!

Most importantly, I got a CHEAT SHEET for all the mommas to live by – all while keeping a cynical eye and a sense of humor. Yes, I regaled some embarrassing 80’s moments, as I love to do. And I think with the power of editing, it will end up a Chelsea Handler, meets, Erma Bombeck, meets, Richard Lewis, meets Oprah. Am I aiming too high? Those editors better be freakin’ good, if not, I’m hoping at the very least it’ll be a Wendy Williams, meets the Tiger Mom, meets Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, meets Dog, the Bounty Hunter.

I promise to give behind the scenes play by play! If you like my writing, share this with friends so they can follow the blog and keep up with the show because I guarantee it’ll be as exiting as watching the guys who fish with their hands… and that’s saying a lot, I know.

Oh and thanks, as always for your support! This is a big deal for someone who’s small potatoes.


Jenny From the Blog

69 thoughts on “I Got My Own Show!

  1. Alison

    Awesome! So proud of you and your hard work…also proud to know you! Keep up the hilarity and I can not wait to see the first show. You truly are a rock star. xoxo

  2. Sharon

    OMG I’m soooo happy for you and i know this is just the start!!! I’ve been reading you for years and I always find you hilarious and insightful and … awesome!

  3. Lainie

    Yay Jenny from the Blog, you make my day every time you post, so I’m glad someone is giving you what you want. You are a true gem.

  4. Frannie P

    Jenny this is amazing. I love you’re scenarios of how people get shows, and I think you’re way more than attractive enough, lol. I’ve been a fan for years and I’ve always said, reading your stuff makes me feel like you’re talking to me … even though we’ve never actually spoken, it’s what I imagine it would be. Now, we get the best of both worlds.


  5. julie's Momma

    Share shared shared!!! cannot wait to see the show. You are amazing and hilarious and a total original. I’ll be glued to the screen. Really, my kids like to glue me to things!

  6. Emily

    Congratulations! I’ve loved following your blog (and now I’m a subscriber!) so if the show is anything like your writing, it will be fantastic!! You give us newbie bloggers some hope and inspiration!

  7. Emily

    Congratulations! I’ve loved reading your posts and now I’m a subscriber to your blog. If your show is anything like your writing, it will be fantastic! You give us newbie bloggers some hope and inspiration!

  8. kimskids

    OMG YAYYYYYYYY! I’m so happy for you. I’ve been reading you so long I feel like we’re totally friends. Weird, I stalk you so you may need a restraining order kinda friends, but friends none the less.

  9. Lisa B

    I found you from The Bloggess and you are my favorite! No offense Bloggess, I just relate to you more plus I love your theory that when you go nuts and jump out the window you see it as an opportunity to clean the yard. I live in a one story too and the visual cracks me up. I can only imagine how relatable, funny, and off the wall your show will be!!!

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Lisa B that’s high high praise. I’m a HUGE Bloggess fan, so I can’t say that hearing that doesn’t inflate my ego just a tad. May my show be as big of a hit as her book. Oh, and I should start selling iron chickens… or maybe like felt mice or something, right?

  10. Bari

    That’s so amazing!!! The Jenny Isenman show!!! Wow you are the hostestss with the mostest!!! I can’t wait to see the series. Couldn’t be happier for you!!! Love you!!! You deserve all the accolades you really were a trooper.

  11. Jaime

    I always knew you would end up on TV! Acting out movies and starring in video store commercials really paid off!
    Keep up the good work and I will look for you on the boob tube.

  12. Val @ Bonbon Break

    I am usually not a commenter, but today. Woo hoo and congrats! Serious achievement and I can’t wait to watch. Awe-some.

  13. cherie

    You’re the best. I knew all along you would get your own show eventually, since you have been diligently trying for years. Anyway, I think you are sooo much better that Bethanny, who by the way did have her own show, but has been canceled to date…You need Ellen D…

      1. Jenny from the blog Post author

        PS OMG you were right!!! My site does not trust you. No matter how many times I approve you, it makes you wait until I give the OK for each new comment. I think it knows something I don’t. Frankly I find you fabulous! XOMwaaa

  14. Phyllis Rabinowitz

    Congrats! Amazing! Cant wait to watch you on TV 🙂 you were always hysterical!
    so proud of you,……xoxo Phyllis

    1. Jenny from the blog

      Thanks love. You were always a good person to get way too silly with! We will def have to plan better next time and by we I mean me. I had no idea how long the hours would be or how sick I was gonna get. Xo j

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    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Thanks Melanie – I almost fell over when I saw it myself. Of course, I was in super high platform wedges, frankly, I almost fell over when I saw the bathroom too, so I’m not sure what that says.

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