I Am This Month’s Celebrity Host at Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect.com!!!

patrick-star-spongebobOkay, if you wanted more of me, you finally get it.  I am doing a daily post for Nick’s ParentConnect.com on how to find time to do stuff for YOU.  Yes, I am their Celebrity host for the month of November.  Either they are seriously hard-up or I am getting “awesomer.”  What a fitting turn around from my last post… Humiliation on the Roller Rink, Circa 1984!  I read on Page 6 that Patrick Star was slotted to host this November, but was forced to decline after an unforeseen jellyfishing incident. Also, he is illiterate, though reading was not a prerequisite for the job.  I will be toiling away at my keyboard all month, so you can get stuff done. If you have had just about enough of me at one post per week, I must warn you, you will be getting an annoying update every morning that links you to that day’s Me Time problem and solution.  I hope you stick around, read some… and even comment or join the site!


Jenny From the Blog

Me Time Challange Link

I don’t have time for my Hubby:

Remember when you first met your honey? That look of love in your eyes? The way you could just go to a restaurant or a movie without having to call anyone but the reservation line? Do you remember when you could “get it on” in places other than your bedroom… with the lights off… while trying to catch an episode of The Amazing Race… and praying no one wakes up hungry, wet, or scared? It seems like forever ago, right? The idea of a date seems arcane, and the thought of uninhibited sex is nostalgic. Well, you’re together now, so you need to make time to enjoy yourselves.

How to find time for your mate: MORE

I don’t have time to work out:

There used to be a time before kids and before my 30’s when I ate chicken wings, nachos and burgers freely. Now I can trace the outline of a single Cheeto in my belly. Even worse, my thighs seem to be having a love affair with one another, which makes walking in corduroys a very noisy endeavor. If you want the bod you had pre-babies, you have to work at it. So, I will help you find ways to work working out back into your schedule.

How to find time to work out: MORE

I don’t have time for a hobby:

Since I loooove writing, this is one challenge I have a lot of experience with. I can tell you that it’s not easy to find the time. Our hobbies, crafts, and other creative endeavors get left behind by feedings, diaper changes and helping with homework. But whether you like to write, draw, knit, crochet, paint, sculpt, take pictures, play an instrument, scrapbook or make crafts, you don’t have to let go of the things you enjoy. Here are some creative ideas to find time for your artistic side.

How to find time for a hobby:  MORE

18 thoughts on “I Am This Month’s Celebrity Host at Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect.com!!!

  1. Bari

    Wow you really made it big! Just think of all
    the little people reading your pearls of wisdom
    while drinking their morning coffee. What a way to
    start the day…

  2. Tiffany Merced

    It’s definitely because you are awesomer!! Now my favorite blog and one of my favorite websites together – can the day get better? Yes, my husband is making dinner!!

  3. Erin MacPherson

    Hi Jenny from the Blog! Love your blog! Love your ME-time challenge!! You definitely are awesomer… and I’m super excited to check out your ME-time challenges!

  4. Nancy Schutt

    I suppose this isnt the kind of answer you are looking for- but for me, it’s, uh, don’t have kids. It’s green too! I propose that there should be a “Non-Mother’s Day” in honor of the women who chose not to add to the number of consumers on the planet and diapers in landfills.

  5. Bari

    It’s always refreshing to see someone inspiring the creative juices of others.
    I imagine if youchek back in a year on this same topic it will be amazing to see the varied works you have encourraged. An idea of my own is to make “going green”a hobby at home. It’s a hobby that parents and childrento do together!

  6. Bari

    Jenny hit the nail on the head this time.
    As a psychotherapist I so often hear the
    familiar lament ” I don’t have time to exercise”.
    Well Jenny has finally solved that problem.
    Multi-task it! Bike to work or school, take
    your kids for a fun romp with the family dog.
    Fido will love you for it and so will the kids.
    Oh, and if you’re excuse is your’re too stressed
    or tired to it well

  7. nancy

    You didnt mention get a dog. The daily pressure of the dog needing a workout will grind on your guilt, which is more powerful than vanity. I MUST run, or even walk, because Buddy needs it.

  8. smilinggreenmom

    How funny! I just did a post on taking time do NOTHING for yourself! I think it is so so important to do that not only for ourselves….but for us as husband and wife ya know! We get so caught up in work and routines…BLAH!!! Hellooooo romance 😉 Come see me sometime at smilinggreenmom.com *I would be honored as I just love your blog and how authentic your writing is-you always make me smile!

  9. maria

    Congratulations!! This is good work. It it inspiring on a few levels: 1) You found the time to do it
    2) It helps remind us that we and our passions are important.

    Thank you for this.

  10. Sheila

    Hi Jenny- I just checked out your blog! I’m definitely going to subscribe for future emails. I’m also going to send you a quick message regarding a Mom Planner that I use. I would love your feedback and to send you one to review and blog about.

  11. Natalja

    On one side I want to say “poor baby”, I don’t like when kids are upset. But on the other side it’s just too funny. It’s amazing how easily kids get upset, and how easy it is to make them happy. Great story.


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