News – French Moms Get Help from the Govt to Stay in Shape: No Fair

Do French Moms Have It Better Than We Do?

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French moms may say, “Viva la France,” but would we actually want to live in France? French women are notorious for being fit and fabulous regardless of diet and lifestyle. And according to a recent New York Times article, that includes new mothers — but these moms don’t do it on their own.
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5 thoughts on “News – French Moms Get Help from the Govt to Stay in Shape: No Fair

  1. Naomi

    Yes but I don’t think our country will introduce any changes in time to help anyone of current child-bearing age. All of Europe seems to have very attractive leave programs for new mothers. I hear some of them are even PAID! At my company we only get 6 weeks of short-term disability and that is IF you already elected to pay for short-term disability prior to getting pregnant since it’s a pre-existing condition. Short-term disability only pays 60% of your normal income, too, which can make things pretty tight especially at a time when you are buying many supplies you haven’t ever bought before. -naomi

  2. cherie

    Good article…I also heard on TV that the european Christian population is dwindling…that may be why they are encouraging more children.

  3. Lady

    Yes, France has a great program for moms– but it comes at a cost. France’s economy in in tatters. The French president has said they need to raise the retirement age to 62 to avoid financial disaster. People are outraged and demonstating in the streets. The thing is, every time there’s a great benefit, somebody someoen is going to have to pay for it. And most people do not want to pay for other people’s’ benefits– they want other people to pay for theirs.


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