Good Homework Habits | See My New Segment on NBC 6 (Fixed)

I’m now a Parenting Correspondent for NBC 6 Miami and the Second Segment on Healthy Homework Habits is in!!!
If you’re in the South Florida area, you can see my segment on Friday’s South Florida Today show, which is between 11AM and Noon. Please tune in or tivo and tell your friends. I’ll bring you 5 tips each week to help tackle parenting issues that we all deal with like separation anxiety and homework habits, to learning to say “no,” a skill I’m still perfecting, and by perfecting I mean failing miserably at. ENJOY and Thanks for the support!

19 thoughts on “Good Homework Habits | See My New Segment on NBC 6 (Fixed)

  1. Jenny from the blog

    Thanks girls… Niki, I’m blushing. However, I know you have good taste in women, so I’m also complimented!

  2. Barry

    I loved watching you on TV. You looked beautiful, were knowledgeable and sounded terrific. I’m very proud. Your parents, probably your dad moreso than your mom, raised a beautiful and talented “Personality”. Keep up the good work. Have you noticed you’re becoming more and more sought after.

  3. Bari

    Jenny you looked great on TV and more importantly presented yourself as the consumate parenting pro you’ve worked so hard to become. All labors of love pay off in the end.

  4. Wilern

    Loved you on tv. You looked beautiful and sounded great. Try to look into the camera more frequently. That being said, I’m sure the station loved you as do your fans.

  5. Roberta

    Great segment! Homework came easy for my oldest son and daughter, but for my other son, not so much. Really good advice for younger and older kids! Thank!


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