Fifty Shades / Christian Grey Ecards – Ecards of the week

The Christian Grey/Fifty Shades Ecards are out! For all my readers who’ve been asking for Ecards, I hope I came through. Just know, I did it because I care.
ENJOY – Jenny From the Blog

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Read on for more Fifty Shades ecards, a hilarious Fifty Shades parody, and a Fifty Shades piece about Cheating with Christian Gray

I’m answering to the masses. Yes, while looking at my blog analytics, I found that a ton of people (at least a couple hundred) found me recently by using the keyword combinations: Christian Grey, Ecard and Fifty Shades, Ecard. I did not have such things, but as a good blogger who truly CARES about her readers, I obliged.

Though, I must warn you, I also get hits from many people searching the terms: Jewish, Mom, P*rn. No, I don’t have any articles on JMP — though, I imagine it would go something like, “No, no don’t put it in there!” or “Could we hurry up here, The Voice is on.” They could call it, The Woman Who Never Gave Head Again… Your Wife. Well, I speak from experience. What? I kid, I kid.

So, here you go, Christian Grey Fans.  For those in the know:

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For those who can’t repress their resentment:

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For those who don’t know what they’ll do when they’re done:

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And one for the guys:

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You can like/share the article as a whole or the cards individually. So you can pick and choose, if you click the link below each card (not the pic itself, unless you’re pinning). See, I’ve even made it easy and multifunctional. I hope the 5 people who searched yesterday will be pleased.

If you haven’t read my other hilariously funny and introspective Christian Grey pieces, here you go BTW I write mostly about other stuff (this is just a small side obsession):

What it Would REALLY be Like to be Married to Christian Grey – a Parody (also seen on Huff Po)

I Cheated on my Husband with Christian Grey (also seen on Huff Po)

Fifty Shades of “Why Can’t I Put These Books Down?”

10 thoughts on “Fifty Shades / Christian Grey Ecards – Ecards of the week

  1. Bari

    It isn’t just mommies that are obsessed with Christian Grey… It’s every woman, we all want the gifts!

  2. Loukia

    Oh my God, I cannot even get through this book because of the horrific writing! I just love reading what everyone else has to say about it… heh.

    LOVED meeting you this weekend at Mom 2.0 – you’re SO awesome and the next time I’m in South Florida (SOON) we are spending the day at Bal Harbour shopping, okay? I didn’t see enough of you! Are you going to NYC for BlogHer? YOU HAVE TO!

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