Does Your Hubby or Wife do Things that Annoy the Crap Out of You

I know, that was a stupid question (and frankly, “stupid questions” are number 1 on my list of pet peeves), but at this point in my marriage, I’m thinking it’s possible that most things my hubby does falls into the “annoying” category, which probably makes living with me and absolute pleasure!

So, I’ve decided to take action, well action — in the form of an experiment. We’re all told, “You can’t change people, you just have to accept them,” unfortunately I can’t accept that advice anymore than I can accept my hubby’s, ahem, little ticks.

But maybe if we try not to sweat the small stuff slowly, you know, one small thing at a time, we can change our outlook?!  That said, each week, I will TRY to accept a different (most likely NOT) Earth shattering annoyance, until I have accepted them all … or I’m too old to notice them anymore, whichever comes first.

I would love for you to do this with me!!!  Because, like running a marathon, it helps to have someone to train with and complain with and stretch with.  Though, no stretching will be required for this experiment, unless you want to stretch, I mean, it’s not prohibited either and if that’s what you need from me I say let’s do some toe touches.

For MY first week I will attempt not to complain about my husband’s parking for an entire week!  This will be extremely hard, as my husband likes to take the first available spot upon entering any lot, which is usually also the farthest.  He clearly didn’t read The Secret, which explained that you CAN get the best spot everyday, if you believe.  I am a believer and frankly, I’m also lazy, and willing to circle endlessly, which ensures I ALWAYS get an impressive spot.  In fact, I wish we all compared spots when we entered a mall or other establishment, so that I could show off my parking prowess!

To add to my hub’s penchant for picking bad spots he likes to park between cars when there are corner spots available (hello, only one side of your car is exposed to damage!), and he doesn’t know to park slightly closer to the nicer car or to car on his side!

He NEVER, well, only after my constant whining, reparks to straighten out the car (we’ll add my insistent whining to his list of pet peeves). We could be hanging off a curb or parked on a diagonal, and it just isn’t worth going into reverse, because apparently that’s a major chore.

Lastly, he doesn’t consider the fact that I’m usually in super high-heeled shoes and wedges! How is not thinking of my foot attire at time like that, or all the time for that matter?

By the time I enter a store I’m tired from having walked a mile.  I’m possibly limping from having twisted an ankle and I’m most certainly hoarse from saying, “there’s a spot, look there’s a spot” while pulling in and continuing to point out ALL the spots we could’ve parked in as we walk through the lot.

So, I imagine my barking and bitching could also be on his list of peeves.  Yes, I know, we seem perfect ladies, but we have little miniscule tiny barely noticeable flaws (we’re only human).

So, I will bite my tongue all week and see if I can let it go … and if letting it go makes us less bitter by the time we hit our destination, we call it a score. If not, I will of course, go back to complaining and pointing and whining, duh.

You can obviously pick your own peeve for this week and let me know what it is so I may use it in a column and of course, dedicate it to you!

Next week, be ready for (forgetting trash day)!

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30 thoughts on “Does Your Hubby or Wife do Things that Annoy the Crap Out of You

  1. Tracy

    I really get annoyed wheny hubs puts something in the kitchen sink and leaves it there. I mean, who does he think is going to wash it? Oh, that’s right, he thinks I will. UGH!

  2. Leslie

    My husband ALWAYS has to find the corner spot so that there is only one car for possible damage And he ALWAYS has to back in. No matter how late we are running. (and we are always running late). The people who have been waiting for us can be standing there watching us arrive, and I wave as they watch us circle around looking for the corner spot and then as they watch us pull up and back in slowly. I realize it’s only seconds longer. . .maybe minutes. . .but really? Does he have to back in every time?

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      That is hilarious. The parking thing is definitely not necessarily a woman trait (I learned it from my dad) and I totally get your husband. Now if my hubby did something that took the extra second I’d be complaining about it. They soooo can’t win!

  3. Felicia

    OMG!! This is too funny! I am also always annoyed at my husband and will surely have a lot to say about next week’s post: Forgetting trash day!!!

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      That’s husbandry 101 though I may not be using that term right. It’s the lifting of the lid. It’s just soooo tough to do. We ask too too much. Lift the lid on the toilet, lift the lid on the hamper, lift the lid on the trashcan it’s like we’re lid obsessed.

  4. Cristina Sierra

    My husband has this charming habit when he has to change (to go to the gym or whatever) of leaving the clothes he is changing out of on my side of the bed. Also if he is packing, he places the suitcase and all the clothes on my side of the bed. Gee, thanks.

    I posted a blog on husband / wife defense mechanisms against their loved ones’ crazy habits – maybe one or two of them can help you in your journey to “accept” your husband’s pet peeves? Would love your feedback, anyway!

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      I’ll go check them out! PS I say everytime he leaves stuff on your side, replace it with the exact opposite type of stuff (he’s going to the gym, replace with a suit … ect). Eventually he’ll stop or you get a good laugh … either way.

  5. cherie

    I head ya…all those complaints and then some. I can’t take his driving. I really feel I should drive all the time, because he looks like he is going to hit the car in front of us. When we are on the expressway, he actually looks in back of him to the side to make sure he can move into another lane, while he is speeding up and the car in front is slowing down. I need to close my eyes while driving with him or keep them revitted on my iPhone Bejeweled game. HELP

  6. Debs

    Since we’re talking about driving, my pet peeve is my husband’s driving. He drives as far on the left side as he can get away with, sometimes crossing over the double yellow line if it strikes his fancy. In rural places (Maine, NH, etc) where many roads are a free for all with no lines, he’ll literally drive as though we are in England. Quite a few times he’s been honked at by oncoming victims/cars, and he’s appalled and actually says outloud “What was that for?” You know those bumpy noisemakers (rumble strips) just over the breakdown line on the freeway, the ones even on the LEFT shoulder, near the median? Yup – at least once a trip he will veer onto those. The noise is frightening (I’m sure that’s the point of their being there). He’s only driven in England twice, and in Bermuda on a moped, and did quite well (my attempt at giving him kudos somehow on this issue). When he rides the line, it scares me, and I say things like “You know it’s a $150 fine for crossing over the center line.” or I just grab the door handle and get carsick from trying to just look out the side window so I won’t have to watch. ugh!

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      I say you charge him $50 bucks every time he does it. Frankly, he’s saving money as the state would charge $150 and you may be able to work your way up to a lovely piece of jewelry that you can stare at (instead of staring out the window)

      1. Debs

        HAHAHA good idea! I once asked him if he does it on purpose (driving so far to the left), and he nodded his head ever so slightly. I’ve tried to be the one to drive when we go out lately, so I feel a bit safer. Good luck with those wascally husbands, everyone!

  7. Masala Chica

    Every night, right about the same time, like clockwork, husband will say, “hey, so what do you think about dinner?” to which I want to respond, “I think dinner is a nice thing. It’s certainly something a lot of people do.” But what he really means, even though we both work is, “Hey Ho, what’s for dinner?” I don’t know. You tell me.

    Not too bad but it pisses the shit out of me.
    Masala Chica recently posted…Lean on MeMy Profile

  8. Pauline Baird Jones

    I will plead the fifth and yeah, you do eventually get worn out. I’ve clocked 37 years. Have told the hubs he is great husband and awful roommate. LOL! I can’t remember who coined the phrase “tremendous trifles.” But it is true.

    Might I suggest you have him drop you at the door and then go park by himself? At my age, it is our SOP when I’m wearing anything but the flats. 🙂
    Pauline Baird Jones recently posted…googlecd20eb13f78687f0My Profile

  9. Mandy Cochrane

    I’ll restrict myself to just one peeve, though God knows it’s tempting to write a book: not putting lids on things. Or more specifically, resting lids on their respective jars, bottles etc, but not screwing the damn things down. Like, he’ll make a cup of tea, add milk, rest the cap on top of the bottle of milk, so it LOOKS nice and tidy, but not screw the sodding thing down. Or even put it back in the fridge. So I come along 20 minutes later, grumbling under my breath when I see tepid milk lying around, hastily grab it by the top as I swing by on the way to the fridge…and have the whole bloody lot crash and explode at my feet. Same with juice, jam jars etc. I guess I should learn by now…

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